When it comes to fixing things, glue can come in handy, and the good thing is that there are many different types of glues to choose from. So, regardless of what you want to fix, you can always find a glue suitable for the occasion. Did you know that the use of glue extends beyond fixing books and paper? Read on to learn more.

1. Fixing Boots and Shoes

Using the same pair of shoes over a long period of time will eventually cause them to wear down. The sole may start breaking apart and you may notice other signs of wear and tear. The good thing is that glue is a great solution to shoe repair. Once you find the right glue for fixing shoes, you can make your favorite pair of shoes or boots as good as new. There are different types of glue you can use to reattach the pieces and make your shoes ready for use once more.

2. Stopping Runs on Fabric

Do you get annoyed by ripped leggings or nylon fabrics in your house? Worry no more. We found out that fabric glue can play a vital role in stopping a running seam by repairing the affected part. All you need to do is take a small amount of glue and dab it where the run starts. This will prevent further tearing. This method of fixing runs works well in stockings, sweaters, and more. In short, glue can be an essential element for extending the life of your clothes.

3. Automotive Maintenance

As long as you have a small bottle of glue in your car, you can say goodbye to small issues like fixing a falling side mirror or fixing broken lights. Glue can play a vital role in assisting with small maintenance in a vehicle. You can simply fix any issue without having to go to the garage or wait for the problem to get worse. So, worried about ripping upholstery or disconnecting side mirrors? Carry some glue with you, and you can easily fix any minor mishap in your car.

4. Bathroom Repair

Do you perform repairs in the bathroom, such as fixing a loose or cracked tile? What if we told you that glue has a way of repairing such things perfectly? If your bathroom shower caddy is broken or you need to fix a loose tile, how about using glue? The water vapor in the bathroom makes it easy for the glue to stick to objects, making it a great bonding choice.

5. Nail Care

If you visit several salons in your area, you may notice that all of them have glue on their shelves. One of the main uses of glue is to fix broken nails for their customers. If you have a broken nail, clean it first, dry it and then apply a small amount of glue. You can then file the nail and you’ll be good to go.

6. Protecting Fingers

Did you know that guitarists find glue handy when playing the instrument? Expert guitarists have been using glue for many years to protect their fingers when picking strings. They do this by applying a layer of glue at the tip of their fingers and allowing the glue to dry. This creates a hard and protective shell that binds to the fingertip, allowing them to play without hurting their fingers. Later, they use nail polish with acetone to remove the glue. However, to enjoy this benefit, you should always make sure that you are not allergic to glue or have sensitive skin.


Glue is a versatile element you can use in almost all of your DIY projects. Whether you are gluing wood, paper, glass, or plastic, glue helps in bonding the surfaces. However, if you want to achieve the best results, you must choose the right glue and ensure the surfaces are clean before bonding.