An OHV – off-highway vehicle/motorcycle requires more special care as compared to a regular road bike as it goes through seriously challenging terrains. If you own one, you know very well that the rigorous exercise that you put it to requires some parts to be replaced from time to time. An OHV bike can go where the regular bikes cannot go. You will come across some seriously challenging terrains such as mud, rocks, sand, steep inclines and snowy terrains.

For many dirt bikes in the market, it can be hard to find the right aftermarket parts that will fit without modification. Thus, it is advisable to buy OEM atv parts for your dirt bike. With the hard-to-find-parts, consider buying from suppliers that ship worldwide.

Such suppliers not only act as part finders, but they also stock the most sought-after parts in their warehouses. Thus, you can be sure of fast shipping. After all, you don’t want your OHV bike to stay grounded, not when there is a ton of fun waiting out there. If you are looking for motorcycle mods, Bike Bandit is one of the most popular places to find it online.

Why you should buy stock dirt bike parts

Aftermarket parts boost the performance of the bike, they are affordable and easy to get. However, they don’t last as long as the OEM parts do. For a regular bike that you will only use in the city and on good country roads, you can buy aftermarket parts. However, for an OHV that will take a lot of beating from challenging terrains and weather, OEM parts are best. They may be a bit costlier to buy, but you will realize their value in their durability.

Because of the challenging terrains that you subject your OHV to, it is likely to become beat up fast. Thus, it can lose its resale value fast. However, with OEM parts, you are practically restoring this bike to its original status. This leads to minimal loss of resale value. From the look to performance, you get all from your OHV when you go for OEM parts. If you want to sell your old OHV, you should invest in it by adding few OEM parts and should get the best price for it.

OHV parts that you should only buy OEM

Just as it is with the road bikes, there are parts that you can buy aftermarket. For example, stock side mirrors are not all that good. Thus, you may buy an aftermarket pair. However, most of the other parts are best bought stock.

These include, but are not limited to:

Front and rear brake calipers – When you plan to go extremely off-road with your bike, you cannot take your brakes for granted. Many times, the brakes will be the thin line between performance and accidents. Here, OEM brake calipers are more trusted than aftermarket ones.

OEM Seat – This will be a complete seat, assembles and ready for installation and use. It includes parts such as the OEM seat pan, OEM foam and seat cover. Save your rear from that cracked seat cover with a brand new OEM replacement.

Wheels – You cannot take chances with your off highway wheels. Thus, you will be looking for OEM rear or front complete hub wheel that comes fully assembled and ready to install. You will find ordering a complete OEM wheel much better than ordering it in parts.

Other things you can order OEM include wheel spacers, brake rotor discs, linkage rear arm bearings, clutch lever perch and many more. Virtually every part of your OHV can be bought stock.