The launch of the most anticipated Tesla Model 3 vehicle was announced to be held next month along with the announcement of Tesla’s Design Studio/Configurator for Model 3, by none other than the Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk. First customers will be offered only a choice of color and wheel size but later on customers could be allowed to customize their vehicles. The CEO said that there would be more options to choose from once the production of the vehicle rises, including a modified dual motor version which will be available starting 2018.

The Model 3 initial configuration has intentionally been kept simple to allow the company deliver more units while keeping the production as simple as possible helping reaching volume over variety of options. Another reason is the Tesla representatives want to make sure everything is fine with this car that must confirm Tesla’s quality on the more than competitive automotive market.

The company also prepares a significant expansion on the market by opening nearly 100 retail, delivery and service points all over the world, a 30% increase in facilities to meet the Tesla’s customers expectations.

The CEO of the company acknowledged the delays in the launch of the announced production by the company but still encourages the customers to start saving some money for the Model 3. He also announced that initially in July the production will be limited but will soon be taken up by the production of 5,000 vehicles and then 10,000 vehicles per week till 2018.