Jewelry, makeup, clothes, and shoes make up a large part of a young girl’s life. When girls enter their early teens, they embrace a huge change. Apart from the influence of changing social dynamics at school and mainstream fashion, youngsters love to dress in fresh styles and stock up on the latest makeup editions to pamper their evolving self-image. It is essential for all parents at this stage to nurture and nourish their blooming personalities. The dresses, bags, underwear, makeup and beauty items you choose will influence their opinions about themselves and their confidence as an individual.

Why are “trivial” things like makeup, jewelry, and clothes important too?

Every girl loves to feel beautiful and important. During their early teen years, it can be difficult due to their rapidly changing bodies and whimsical skin. You can help your daughter or your sister take care of her hair, skin and health by investing in market-proven healthcare products. Apart from great skincare and hair care products, you can also gift them accessories that highlight their best features. Adolescent psychology states that teenagers, who know how to grab attention and positively respond to them, enjoy a more rewarding school and college life. The gifts you pick for her can determine the course of the formative part of her life.

Teach her the importance of smelling good

Smelling good is a part of good hygiene. Many people believe that perfumes and body mists are luxury items that only adults should have. However, having a bottle of trusted body spray or body mist in the gym bag can save the day after a long day of training. Thirteen-year-olds are active, and they love playing outside, there is no harm in teaching them in perks of smelling good while embracing a sporting and outdoorsy life. You can pick a set of skin-friendly long-lasting body mists and deos for loved one so she can stride with confidence. Check out Toybuzz for fragrances suitable for the young women of the 21st century.

Pamper the little geek in your 13-year-old

Pamper her imagination and love for popular culture a little with geeky gifts. Harry Potter memorabilia, LOTR-inspired jewelry, Sherlock themed mugs and Adventure World themed stationary can carve a safe nook for a fresh teen. These geeky gifts are great ways to kindle their love for literature, modern cinema, music and performing arts. Additionally, it helps them express themselves in a unique style and find people, who share a common interest.

How to woo your gamer girls on their special day?

Gamer girls are awesome, and you should encourage their talent by investing in proper gaming gear. On the one hand, gaming helps improve hand-eye coordination, and on the other hand, it helps them boost confidence by completing quests in a virtual world. Contrary to modern belief, games can assist in the development of a teenager’s inquisitive, determinant and leadership personality. Gamers are often more confident, socially connected and better settled than non-gamers. It is essential for the modern youth to belong somewhere, and video games can help with that. A Nintendo switch, new skins for their gaming consoles, upgrading their Xbox or PlayStation, the inclusion of VR to their console and new game editions can woo your 13-year-old in no-time.

Picking gifts for teenagers are easy. Christmas presents and birthday gifts should bring your daughter, sister, niece or cousin close to you. Gifts fuel personal relationships, trust, and reliance. Choosing the right items based on her likes and hobbies will help you bond with her.