When it comes to being creative, everyone has their potential waiting to be unleashed. Some of us are just not courageous enough to admit that.

Most people underestimate themselves, thinking that they are not creative. They corner themselves into a limited box instead of exploring their creative sides.

You don’t need to be a poet or artist to show your creativity. Starting from decorating your room to raising a child, everything can be done well if you’re creative. But how will you kickstart your creativity?

Fortunately, there are ways to turn on your creative side even when you think you don’t have any.

How to Tap into Your Creativity

Whether you think you’re creative or not, there are sometimes when you feel numb. The following tips will help you reconnect with your creativity.

Maintain a Journal

Sometimes, it gets difficult to express yourself. You might feel blocked when it comes to giving your idea a reality.

The best way to express your idea is to write it down. Always keep a journal with you, and whenever an innovative idea comes in your mind, write it down.

Don’t worry about what you’re writing and how bad it is. Just keep writing and you will find yourself gaining clarity and new ideas.

Draw Something

It is known that art can improve your brain function and creativity. While drawing something won’t make you a famous artist overnight, it will help you think and remove the blockage from your mind.

Just grab some paper and some coloring pens to draw anything you want in your free time. It doesn’t matter how or what you’re drawing.

If you need some guidance, try the paint by number for adults to unleash your inner creativity through the process of painting.

Find Your Inspiration

Is your kitchen too bland to like it? Or do you find the light in your office too harsh? It’s not necessary to settle for something, devoid of inspiration. You can also give it a personal touch to make it to your advantage.

Think about what inspires you. It can be a song, a piece of writing, or anything. Whatever it is, use it as motivation.

Listen to Others

You know how you think and the obstacles you face when you try to become creative. But what about others? Do you know how other people deal with their toughest dilemmas?

Sometimes, listening to other people’s ideas and their point of view can turn on your creativity and help you think outside of the box.

Is there a friend or co-worker that you admire? Talk to them and learn how they act when they feel numb. Apply those methods and see if they are working on you.

Walk in Nature

There’s something about walking in nature that is quite refreshing. You won’t only get plenty of vitamin D, but you will also experience a brain-battering effect of nature.

A study published in 2015 concludes that spending some time outside can boost your creativity. The report also says that nature can improve the way you think and your power to explore.

So, if you ever feel blocked, just go outside and enjoy the natural view.

Remove Self-Doubt

It’s difficult to think creatively when you have self-doubt. According to a Harvard research, you will feel less creative if you can’t resist the urge to judge yourself.

Instead of doubting yourself, do your best to capture all of the creative ideas that come into your mind. Write them down and use them later when you need to boost your confidence.

Listen to Music

Who doesn’t love music? While good music can refresh your mind, it can also enhance your creative side.

A new study suggests that listening to happy and uplifting music can help you come up with more original and creative ideas.

While there are particular types of music and songs that help boost creativity, listening to your favorite song can also do the same.


While you may find it annoying for the first time, meditation can actually help you think more clearly and creatively.

In recent years, mindfulness meditation has become quite popular among artists and other creative people, and there are good reasons behind it.

A regular short meditation session can actually help you come up with more innovative ideas.

You don’t need a lot of things to start a meditation. Just find yourself some time every day and start meditating for a few minutes. Gradually increase the amount of time you spend meditating over time.

Don’t Forget to Play

Just because you’re a grown-up man doesn’t mean you can’t play. It’s a great practice that helps you to unfold your inner creativity.

Sometimes, involving others in a game can make you more joyful and innovative. It will nurture your playful sides and help you think outside of the box.

There are some simple games such as solving puzzles, numbers can improve your brain activity and you will feel more creative while playing.

Reduce The Use of Smartphone

Believe it or not, using the smartphone is actually making you less smart. Do you ever realize how much time you waste every day just by scrolling through your Facebook account?

You can not think creatively if you constantly look at your mobile, check your email, or just chat with a friend. Instead of making you innovative, this habit just kills your valuable time.

If you want to boost your creativity, try minimal use of devices. Don’t check your email unless it’s urgent. Consider keeping your phone in silent mode when you’re having a walk through nature or doing some brainstorming.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to be creative by birth to come up with fresh and innovative ideas. You just need to develop some good habits and practice them regularly to unfold your creative side.

Everyone has a creative side, but not everyone can realize that. All you need to is to believe in yourself and keep working in order to unlock the brightest side of your brain.