Hot water is a necessity in every single house out there. You want the comfort of a hot shower no matter which person in the bathroom you are in the cue this morning. On the other hand, you want to live a more sustainable life. Comfort and environment are two keywords that can both describe a tankless water heater. The tankless water heaters are here to help you get constant hot water flow. They are more efficient, save energy, space, and money. So, you decided to buy one, but don’t have enough knowledge to get the right deal. Well, that is about to change.

Types of tankless water heaters

The first thing you need to know is that there are a number of tankless water heaters. They differ in size, installation method, and requirements. There is even an RV tankless water heater, but in this article, we will focus on the heaters you install inside a house. A tankless heater is one of the most popular water heating solutions in Europe, however still a relatively new product in North America.

There are two main types of a water heater, one power by electricity and one powered by gas. Electricity heats up the water slowly than gasoline and is a less environmentally friendly option. However, gas water heaters require ventilation to ensure safety, and their flues tend to be more prominent in size. They are also challenging to install if you can’t run a new vent out the roof. Some heaters can be installed outside of a house, but they are not as aesthetically pleasing. So it is recommended to invest in a gas tankless heater, but if the installation is too complicated for your home, an electric tankless water heater will work just fine.

Benefits of tankless heaters

The essential benefit os a tankless water heater is that it is able to produce instant hot water. You can turn it anytime, and the hot water will be there on your demand. There is no storage limitation, and you do not need to wait up till the tank is full again. You can run your dishwasher, take a shower and wash your clothes, all at the same time.

A tankless water heater saves you also a lot of space. And we are talking about around 16 square feet of additional free space.

The decrease in your power bill is the next benefit of this water heating solution. It saves you up to 40% of energy and cuts down your bills significantly. All tankless units are designed to work efficiently.

Another advantage is that a tankless water heater longevity is double of the units with a tank. The standard tankless unit can work for you for around twenty years.

Finally, no rust and scale and clean and fresh water every time you need it. Depending on the quality of the water supplied to your house, you might need to replace a tank sooner because of rust. No such occurrence if you have a tankless unit.

What is the right size for you?

Looking for that perfect water heater for your family is not an easy task to do. What is the right size to supply enough hot water you need? Well, when it comes to tankless heaters, you need to concentrate on the flow, not capacity. We are looking at unit determining flow rate called GPM, gallons per minute. You need to take into account the climatic conditions of the region you live in. If the water is freezing, you will require more heat. Another thing you should know is how many units will the heater supply with hot water. The flow of water varies from 1.2 to 6 GPM. 1.2 GPM water heater is designed to provide hot water for one sink, and a 6 GPM heater can supply two showers at the same time.

Let’s talk about the warranty

While shopping for a heater, make sure to look twice at the length of the warranty that is included with it. The heaters with the best quality will have the most extended warranty on the market. Also, don’t forget that you are buying this device for around two decades, you should want to be protected for as long as possible. If your water is hard, you might also look for units with a longer warranty, as hard water tends to damage the heater at a faster pace than a regular one.

Buying a water heater is a massive decision when it comes to the quality of living and sustainability of your household. Installing a tankless water heater with a perfect size and warranty is what you should do. Homeowners concerned about the temperature of the water and energy-efficient appliances will be thrilled with a tankless water heater. Once you have all your information ready, purchase your home a better future.