Maruti came up with so many models of cars over the course of years and the suzuki baleno might have been one at the top of the list. The Baleno specifications and features along with the price will make it a perfect shot to try out. The Baleno has 1 petrol engine on offer, and it consists of 1197 cc engine power. It is now available in both manual and automatic transmission options, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Based on the fuel type and variant available in the market, Baleno comprises a mileage of around 19.56 to 23.87 KMPL. It is a 5-seater car and with a length of 3995 mm, wheelbase of 2520 mm and a width of 1745mm.

The standout features to consider

Now, before you aim towards the best Baleno option for your purchase, it is better to get along with some of the standout features, which makes more and more people head towards this option.

  • You have the projector LED headlamps. It is the only class in its present class to have such project LED lights at the front. So, if you are planning to drive at pitch dark time, these lights will make it easier to see on the road.
  • Then you have the UV cut glass to consider. As it is pretty much self-explanatory, the UV cut glass will restrict the amount of UV rays that might enter the cabin. So, the cabin will remain relatively cooler when compared to some of the other options in the market. So, even if you are driving your car on a hot sultry summer morning, you won’t feel burned down.
  • Another interesting and standout feature with Ssuzuki Baleno is that it comprises a speed alert system. It is one such car in its class to have this passive safety feature within it. The main function of the speed alert system is to provide some audible warnings whenever the car is smoothly gliding on road over 80 kmph.

Some other features to consider

There are some other interesting key features of Baleno, which make this car a thoughtful choice among so many new buyers. It comprises power steering and anti-lock braking system. You will further enjoy the all-new safety feature under drive airbag, which is not easy to find in all the other Maruti models. Moreover, the automatic climate control will ensure that the interior of the car remains in perfect temperature all the time.

Then you have alloy wheels as part of this car’s make. So, these wheels can withstand daily pressure with ease. On the other hand, you have the power windows front and proper Air conditioning unit as part of the key features of Maruti Baleno. Not just airbags for the driver, but there are safety airbags for the passengers as well. So, even if you meet with an unfortunate accident, you can protect yourself big time. At the front, the car will have fog lights. So, even if the weather is not in your favor, still you can drive through with clear vision due to fog lights.

The use of smart hybrid technology

The progressive next generation hybrid technology is what makes Baleno a reliable option to choose from. It comprises an integrated starter generator with that Lithium-ion and one lead acid battery. So, you are going to receive that enhanced driving experience all the way through. Moreover, you have the much-needed Torque Assist Function, which helps in reducing the load off the engine and improves its current fuel efficiency level too.

For the CVT

With Maruti Suzuki Baleno you will enjoy that seamless and comfortable drive all the time. For that, you need to thank the Advanced Automatic Transmission of CVT as a major part of this vehicle. Be sure to check out its different features and various price ranges, before jumping to the final conclusion.

Bolder exterior look

The New Baleno has a much bolder look with enhanced exterior design. The stunning hatchback will be sure to take the road by storm. So, make sure to go through all the available options within your locality, and finally make the right choice with the cars.