Glued to the screen, the smart tech geeks enjoy making everything easy, quick, and trouble-free. These people are geniuses who love to make their life comfortable. For them, making everyone’s wishes come true lies in possessing the best gadgets available out there. For tech geeks, it is hard to figure out what they are missing out. It is difficult to find out how to make their imperfectly perfect lives a little more perfect? Anyways, you need not to worry. We know what they MUST be missing out in their lives. Here is a list of surprising tech gifts for your tech geek.

Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery

Tile Pro with Replaceable BatteryFollowing a hectic schedule and keeping track of your daily goals makes you lose track of your possessions. What happens next? You feel frustrated and waste hours in finding your shades, keys, watch, and stuff like that. Most of us then wish for something to keep track of our things through GPS. So, all our wishes have come true with tile. Tile Pro is a small battery powered gadget that you can attach to anything you forget quite often. Go to the place where you think you saw the lost thing the last time. Then, locate it on the map and make your tile ring. It is the smartest way to find your things in no time.

Phone Soap

Phone soaps are perfect to sanitize your phones that have been in the hands of a lot of people. Especially, if you have kids at home, they get their hands dirty really quick. So, it is hard to keep your devices out of their reach. Besides that, phone soaps can sanitize everything that is smaller than the size of your phone including a USB, keys, credit cards and more.

Yamaha YAS105BLB Soundbar with Dual Built-in Subwoofers

If you want a cinema-like experience at home by installing the best quality sound bars in your home, Yamaha is the one. It is cost-effective and quite easy to install. Moreover, these sound bars are elegantly designed that can add style to your living room. You can install the related App to control the sound bars without moving around a lot. Look up for the best ones and you wouldn’t have to regret even once!
Yamaha YAS105BLB Soundbar

ZUtA Labs Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

ZUtA Mini Mobile Robotic Printer
Print your important documents even when you are traveling. Connect this portable mini printer with your smartphone and start printing them. It doesn’t matter on what size of the paper you want to get the print out. It works for every paper size. It has a capacity to print around 1000 pages. It is rechargeable and has an on/off button to prevent loss of battery power.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo DotYour tech geeks enjoy staying up to date with the latest news as well as tech gadgets. Amazon Echo Dot is a portable voice-controlled device that can keep you updated. Alexa, the assistant, will play music for you, give you weather updates, set reminders and alarms, and answer all your questions. It will keep you entertained at all times. It will surely be the best gift of the year for your tech geek. Connect it via Bluetooth to your device to allow it to make calls, send texts, and provide information on your behalf. Alexa can also control your smart home devices such as fans, lights, thermostat, and switches etc.