Most new homeowners feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done in the first few months of settling in. Getting your home feeling and looking ready for summer can often be difficult and not a top priority. Especially if you’re a new homeowner and don’t know exactly where to start.

If you’ve just hired a mover, you’ve probably noticed all of the new homes on the market. And if you’ve done that you may know that summer is a great time to get your home looking and feeling fabulous.

In this post we will go over 5 summer trends that will liven up and brighten any new home in no time. In addition, they will help you feel like your new home is the peaceful sanctuary you want it to be.

5 Easy Summer Trends

TREND 1: Color

Color is a huge trend we’ve been seeing a lot of. And not in the traditional paint-on-the-walls way we’re all used to.

You can add a pop of summer color in other ways to make your home on-trend and ready for the summer season. Coral palettes are a great choice to brighten your home and give it a rich, summer vibe. In addition, you can paint cabinets toned down shades of green or blue and you’ll feel ready for the outdoors in no time!

TREND 2: Livable Patios And Deck Area

Trend #2 is a big one for the warm weather and beautiful outdoors atmosphere. Creating a livable patio and deck area is great if you want to add a more comfortable feel to your home.

You can add lighting, garden accents and even a fire pit to your outdoor deck area to add character and lend to your decks inviting nature. If you have an old, rickety deck, be sure to hire someone for demolition services and start from scratch!

TREND 3: Beautify Landscaping

Beautifying landscaping is a great way to improve the look of your home and make it more appealing. You can start simply by renting a dumpster for yard debris removal to clean up the property and make it look neat and tidy. Just walk around your yard and pick up any broken sticks, branches and leaves that should be cleaned up.

In addition, you can plant a small garden to add color and life to your yard. This is an easy way to get your new home in perfect shape for summer.

TREND 4: Neutral Color Palette

Adding neutral accents and an overall more neutral color palette is a huge trend we’re seeing this summer. Blending indoors and outdoors by adding plants to bare wood accents gives a more natural feel and creates openness and warmth.

Neutral accents can be seen in upholstery and wood furnishings. You can use this summer trend to create an airy feel to your new home.

TREND 5: Texture Accents

Adding texture accents to your home is a big trend that will liven up and brighten your space for the summer. Just be sure that your texture accents don’t feel heavy or overdone.

Textured pillows and ottomans will do wonders for a bare room that needs a little livening up! In addition, it will add a more inviting feel for guests who will visit your new home to just hang out.


There are many different ways you can brighten up your new home for the summer. In this post we have touched on 5 of the biggest summer trends that will help you to create the sanctuary you love and deserve.

We hope this post has been helpful and we wish you all the best in decorating your new space!