When spring comes, we know it is time to think about the exterior, the lawn, trees and the flowers. This is also the time we think about sprucing our home’s interior décor for summer. If you too need to pump some new life into your home’s interior design this summer, you might as well go for what is trending this year. So, if you consult your crystal balls, they will tell you that the trends we will discuss below are trending.

More of nature will find its way into your home

This is not a prediction; this is just the way the trends are going. After seeing the kind of a machinated society that we have become, with lots of technology and now clamoring to have AI drive our vehicles, we cannot have enough of nature. Thus, this is the year to use more wood in construction, more plants inside and bigger windows opening to great garden views.

Bring nature indoors with you in vases. Professional interior designers such as Santa Monica interior designers are shifting their focus from normal to natural looks of interiors. You may already have noticed this trend around you.

The art that you love

In 2018 and back, art in the house was all about what went well with the furniture and the general interior decor. However, in 2019, minimalist art is being kicked out. What matches with decor does not matter any longer. How your art makes you feel is the only thing that matters. You do not even have to worry whether your art is matching with the colors on the walls. Just go with whatever makes you feel happy. Just don’t overdo it. If you have many paintings, space them out.

Less clutter is better this year

The more change that we get the more things stay the same. In fact, this is the one rule of interior design that comes back every year, or perhaps we should say that never goes away. The less there is inside the better since there will be more space. This is the year of going as minimalist as you can. Let in more airflow into the room, create more space between the walls and furniture.

Curved furniture is looking better now than ever

A curved couch would look awesome right now, and so would a curved armchair. Rigid lines have become quite an eyesore, and the sexiness of the curves is slowly making a comeback. The assumption has been that rigid lines make the room look quite masculine. However, now, with the comeback of the curved furniture, we are seeing a very beautiful touch of femininity coming into our rooms.

Terrazzo touches are coming back

Terrazzo has long been out of the picture, but it is now making a comeback this year. Every small space that you can embellish with a touch of terrazzo, just go ahead and do it. Remember; this is also the year of the wallpaper. Thus, a terrazzo wallpaper would add a good touch to the walls, especially in the small spaces in the kitchen.

Mixed patterns are now a thing

Mixed patterns are making a comeback. Stripes, polka dots, lines and rough textures are making a comeback in the sitting rooms as well in the bedrooms. However, this does not mean that you create an eyesore. Try patterned pillows and cushions, a terrazzo rug and white floorboards. These should be perfect.

You may also add patterned wallpaper with pink tones and an ochre rug. Combined with the bold shades of your couches, you should have enough mix-and-match to go around this year.


Summer is a great time to make some changes in your home’s interior design and you may already have liked the above-mentioned tips and trends. If you are from Malibu, you can hire interior designer Malibu to implement these amazing trends in your home.