Isn’t summer just the perfect time of year?

You can give your home a facelift and go for all those bold and bright colors that’ll bring all the fun back. Summer is the season to have fun and entertain, so how about we look at some excellent summer decor ideas to sort you out?

Garden parties, picnics, lounging, swimming, and oh those scrumptious barbecues! All these are incredible summer ideas, and you need to create the perfect setting for all your plans.

In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the best summer decor ideas that will make your home stand out and look amazing this hot season.

1. Go With Floor Cushions

Floor cushions always look great in the living area, and they are a perfect addition, given that you’re always likely to have guests buzzing around in summer. The best thing about floor cushions is that you can take them outdoors and have a great picnic or gathering while enjoying the summer sunshine.

If you do plan to use them outside, consider going for a heavy-duty material like leather, so they don’t get wet or dirty quickly and can withstand being moved from one place to the other. There is a wide variety of exciting patterns, designs, and colors you can choose from that will go well with your overall home decor.

2. Go for a Lighter Color Scheme

If you’re thinking about updating your home for summer decor, one thing you should go for is a lighter color scheme. Light colors always seem so refreshing and bright and beautiful to go with all that summer heat. They not only soothe but revitalize the energy in the home.

A great way to lighten up things is by transforming any room with a fresh coat of paint, and soothing neutrals work like a charm. You can combine your favorite light colors with an unexpected splash of mood-enhancing color that will pop and stand out. The one reason why you can never go wrong with neutral colors is that you’re highly unlikely to tire of them.

On the contrary, unique hues are easy to tire of, and you may need to repaint sooner than necessary. Go for a timeless appeal if you can because it won’t affect your resale value at all.

3. Go For a Nautical Flair

While you may want to go for a theme-driven trend, there’s just something about the nautical spirit that goes quite well with summer. This is one of the best summer decor ideas out there, and you don’t even need to evoke a maritime feeling throughout your home.

Forget the heavy-handed approach and instead go for something as simple as navy blue, marine stripes, and white colors. Beyond that, add a beach vibe by adding pearl accessories as well and just have fun with it.

4. Go for Energizing Splashes of Color

Summer is all about bright and energizing colors, so add some splashes of beautiful and vibrant colors here and there. This is one of the most incredibly effective summer decor ideas you can implement in your space, and you’ll achieve that summery decor look you desire without spending too much time or money.

The best thing about this is that there is a wide array of ideas to try. For instance, you could choose to change your throw pillow to bold and patterned colors to liven up your living areas.

Also, go for brighter lampshades, or add new pieces of artwork that pop with color to your walls. The only thing you should make sure of is that the colors are bright, beautiful, and cheerful.

5. Opt for White Wood

One of the most incredible ways of brightening up a home during summer is embracing white. Things will look up if you choose white wood over dark, so if you’re thinking of getting new furniture from a furniture warehouse, white is the way to go.

White painted wood will make your home feel lighter and brighter, and even if you’re not making any purchase, you can get down to DIY painting projects. If that’s not an option either, you can choose to go with white drapes and throws to brighten up your home.

6. Choose Summery Patterns

Summery patterns are the way to go if you want a bright home this summer. Go with bright colors, animal prints, and bold patterns to give your home that splash of summer you desire. From eclectic prints to pretty florals and geometric patterns, you have a wide array of options to choose from.

Yellow, for instance, is a beautiful color to incorporate in summer. Use hints of it wherever you like throughout your home, and you can choose between soft yellows to strong mustard to get the look you want.

7. Go For Fresh Greenery and Flowers

Summer is the perfect time to bring the outdoors indoors and what better way to do it than to bring in plants and flowers. Adding indoor plants into your home will add that fresh air you need to have during these hot times, and give your pace that out-in-the-open feel.

If you’re not very good at maintaining plants, go for indoor low-maintenance plants or succulents, then add your favorite flowers in vases wherever you need a dash of color.

8. Blind Out the Sun

Out with the heavy insulated curtains and drapes, and in with lighter, airier, and brighter ones. The idea here is to let in the light while blocking the sun at the same time. Floaty sheer is incredible for summer because it’ll achieve both tasks wonderfully.

If blinds are a better option for you, then Venetian blinds are a good choice because you’ll have the ability to control how much light enters your home.

9. The Outdoor Spirit

When it comes to the best summer decor ideas, the outdoor space should not go forgotten. There is so much you can do and so many summer decorating ideas you can incorporate. This is where the sun is and where most of the fun is as well, so go all in.

If you have outdoor furniture, add some vibrant throw pillows, and if you don’t, you can have fun with the floor cushions we mentioned earlier. Use some potted plants and flowers in your outdoor space. Of course, you can go beyond that and add a bistro table and chairs to host guests.

Top Summer Decor Ideas

There you have it! These are some of the best summer decor ideas you can incorporate in your home to make it look amazing, lighter, brighter, and chase away the heat. There is so much you can do here, so don’t be afraid to bring out your personality.

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