With the technological advancement that is spreading its wings around the globe and into the horizon, it is very hard to keep your children whatever age, away from technology and technicalities of the tech age. A question arises: what is the most suitable age for your child to start using a cell phone? Some people are in favor of their early age, recommending learning through the cell phones, while a significant number of researchers say that it is highly harmful for your child’s mind, grooming, personality, eyes and sitting posture.

With kids being sensitive in every way, parents are bound to be concerned about their better upbringing as well as their health and there are tons of concerns that keep parents from giving the tech or cell access to their children at the tender age but the most undeniable fact is to delay it as much as one can.

There are pros and cons of everything we opt in life. So is the case of the cell phones given to children at their tender age. Following are the few commonly observed pros and cons of early age usage of the cell phones by children.


  • Children can keep you informed where they are, especially when they reach to their school or leave from there
  • You can easily locate them through GPS or tracking software if they get lost or get into an emergency
  • They can learn things online and learn to use it as a studying medium
  • It can increase the competitiveness in them
  • It keeps them well-tuned with the technologies of the current times
  • It can be one in all for alarm, scheduling of all kid’s activities, reminders, games, staying in touch with friends and with family if they have gone some far-off place, calendar, calculator, chat, call, take pictures, make memories and store them and endless other things
  • They get independent early


  • It induces in them less control of their wishes and demands
  • They get an addiction for it
  • They can access inappropriate content for their age
  • They start to get disconnected from the real world
  • Its overuse turns them into introverts. They could only socialize on the social media websites but not with real people in the real world
  • They get their eye sight affected
  • Their hearing gets weak
  • Their focus gets dwindled
  • It can make them obese because of lack of exercise and outdoor games
  • It builds dependence on the technology in the children
  • Their physique gets affected
  • They tend to become lazy and languid

In short, it is very hard to pen down the right decision for the parents of what could be better for their children and whether the benefits of early usage of cell phones are enough for them to compromise and close their eyes to the disadvantages of it, or not.

The best is to trust your own instinct about your children and delay it as much as you can.