The living room is the essential room of every home, its core, the place where everyone gathers and hangs out as a family. Hence, it is often the biggest room in the entire house. With a space so big, you can do wonders if you are into interior design, so we gathered some of the most stylish ideas for the living room. Are you ready to get inspired?

Unusual Items

Do you like surfing? Perhaps you own a surfboard or two? Perfect, get it out of the basement and lean it on a wall in some corner, if you have two boards, even better. It will give your room more casual and beach vibes. You can do the same with a tennis racket, for example, paint it in some bright color, white, or black, and the effect is going to surprise you.

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a huge trend right now, so if you have a lot of old family photos, you can frame them and curate them on a wall. Symmetry vs. asymmetry, the tale as old as time. You can go for a more symmetric approach if you are into order and balance, or arrange them whatever you like to get a more dynamic-looking wall. You can use paintings as well, and frames can all be the same size, or different.

Iridescent Mirrors

If you are not into regular mirrors as decoration, try the iridescent ones. Pick the mirrors in the color that dominates your space, or in some other color if you want to accent it even more, and watch how every single guest of yours complements it. It is a true eye-catcher and a chic detail that will give more depth to the room.

Library Wall

If you like to read and you have a decent collection of books, you can turn your entire wall into a private library. However, your library is not going to be dusty and grayish as we remember them from school. Arrange your books by the color of the cover, sort them in different ways to create an interesting and dynamic overall appearance.

Metal Art

Metal art is something that everyone is crazy about. Everyone wants to have a piece of custom metal wall art in their home, and we are not surprised, they are beautiful. Whether you opt for a sign with a message, a sculpture, or a few smaller geometrical shelves, your home will get a bit of those rustic, shabby chic, or industrial vibes that are so popular right now.

Put Things on the Floor

Apparently, this is a new trend, people started leaning pictures on a wall and piling books and magazines onto the floor, and all of a sudden, a new instagramable interior trend was set. Try it yourself, find an empty corner, stack lots of books, put a picture or two upon them, add a tall vase with dry flowers somewhere around, and voila.

The Bottom Line

We hope some of our ideas inspired you to make a change in your living room. It is not always easy to try something new, especially if you have not redecorated your home in years, so it all may look a bit weird in the first few days. But give it some time. Once you adapt, you will be so glad you have finally done it.