Most people simply don’t care about how they look, they just throw on whatever looks good and is clean and get on their way. This shouldn’t be the case. Your wardrobe is your fashion statement and you should be particular about how you appear to the people around you. It is an attitude! People can judge you by the way you dress. Imagine you fail to impress that special girl you want to be with on your first date just because of a poor fashion statement. It is just like how you’re judged by the way you drive your car. It may seem that these things are entirely different from one another, but in all honesty, it is all the same. This is why it is really important to make the most out of the clothes you already own and probably even add some more must-haves in your wardrobe. You can also visit pavement in the USA online to know more about how you can add to your style and fashion intellect.

The absolute must-haves

If you are a girl, there are certain items you must have absolutely in your wardrobe, like a nice belt, and a good quality pair of denim jeans. There is a whole list of must-haves that you can simply pick according to your personality and fashion taste. On the other hand, if you are a boy, there is a whole lot of things you can choose from for your wardrobe. Your wardrobe must be up-to-date and ready for sudden invitations and outing plans. Always remember that ladies love gentlemen so if you are a boy, you need to have an expensive watch. Watches are something you can invest in as they define your personality without you saying a single word. Another must-have for gentlemen is a nice suit or a tuxedo.

Become clutter free

Most people keep their childhood clothes with them even when their kids don’t fit in them. It is crazy! You need to let go of the items you no longer wear or they just don’t fit you anymore. So basically you need to revisit your closet at the end of a year or a season. This way you will know what things you are giving away, or discarding and that way you can plan your next shopping spree with much ease. Your clothes define you and tell people something about you. Yes, your dressing style has a lot bigger say in defining your personality than you ever think. Luckily you get to decide what you want to wear and what statement are you giving to the people, which obviously includes your friends and family. It is easy to have your old wardrobe become an obstacle in the way, so to ensure that it doesn’t become a problem you can reconcile everything you own at least once a year.

Plan your week

It is always great if you know what you are going to wear every day of the week. This way you don’t have to worry about what to wear every day when you are already running late for work or whatever the plan is. Get your clothes dry-cleaned to get that crisp fresh feel from your shirt and feel good when you put on your clothes for the day. Most people don’t do this and it becomes hectic for them. Imagine waking up every day and deciding what to wear. Most people deal with this conundrum every new day of their life, so don’t belong to that group.

Know your wardrobe

It is easy to keep wearing your favorite clothes for the whole month without you giving the new clothes to get the privilege of your touch. There are a number of studies that back this up. You should develop a strategy to make the best use of your wardrobe and the items that you have purchased already. Many people don’t wear 70-80% of their clothes hanging in their wardrobe. Another useful hack for this situation is that once you get back home and take off your clothes, you can put them on the side of your wardrobe. By doing this, you are actually putting them away from your eye view the next time you open your wardrobe with the challenge to select the right suit for you. You can also hang your clothes in the wardrobe inside out if that works for you better.

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Basically, every time you find yourself in a really nice shirt or a pair of really comfortable shorts or jeans, make sure that you write down the material and where you got it from. By keeping track and knowing exactly what you like and don’t like, you will find shopping to be a breeze and it will no longer be a hassle to worry. You can keep this log with you the next time you go shopping.

Get an expert’s opinion

If you are lucky enough to have a fashion concierge, have them come over like once a month to style up your outfits. You can use these outfits for your everyday wear. It will also help in deciding what to keep and what to give away. Having another set of eyes on your wardrobe will do wonders for you.

Follow Steve Jobs, maybe?

Many people, even famous celebrities like Steve Jobs, have a set of clothes which they felt most comfortable in and they literally wore them every other day. Obviously, it is not the same pair but this way, it is so much easier to shop and not worry about spending too much money on items you will rarely wear. Try to keep it as simple as you can. You can have your own favorite turtle neck color instead of Steve Jobs black. Your clothes become an icon only if you take care of them.


The above-mentioned tips should definitely help you in styling up your wardrobe. As mentioned above, you can do so much if you only start to managing and maintaining your wardrobe. After all, your clothes and dressing style defines the person you are, so why not put a little extra effort in putting your wardrobe in order. It won’t only help you in highlighting the best dresses you have but will also help you in getting rid of the ones that don’t fit you any longer.