Exercise is important for your entire body be it your muscles or your bones, they all get benefited equally from it, even some of our internal organs are affected by it and get healthy with a proper walk, running or a routine exercise and your heart, mind and lungs function better and get healthy.

Sometimes to cater to a specific area we train differently to attain different targets. For instance, runners, who are required to maintain a proper form and strength, knees are the most important. Even when they warm up or prepare for their rounds they need to put good, careful and proper pressure on their knees or else they can get hurt with a little careless mistake as we often see runners getting injured with a too hard or a loose placement of the steps or knees.

Here is a workout routine for you, if you need to strengthen your knees and prevent any upcoming accidents or injuries.

TIP: If you ever feel a sharp pain or slight twitch in your knee or legs, don’t begin your running rounds. Take a break and finish off with a slight jog and stretching and, if the pain persists the next day, don’t linger on and visit the doctor right away.

Wall Sits are Best

This is the most commonly used and advised exercise for every of your purpose. People around the globe, be it a coach, trainer, fitness expert or an athlete will tell the benefits this position has for your entire body posture. In this, you have to lean against a wall and go down in a squat position while being parallel to the ground. This exercise targets your quadriceps muscles and you must maintain the balance and regularly do this exercise. If your knees hurt or you lose your balance then start by squat that is not deeper and then lower your depth down with time till you are directly parallel to your knees. In the beginning, you can take intervals in between your reps for stretching and balancing but in time you can reduce them to the minimum.

Step Ups Demand Power

Step up is the most strengthening exercise, it can be good for your knee and it is an even better option for those who are trying to revert back from a knee injury. You need no instruments or machines; rather you can choose any object, stool or even a box that is up to your knee level and climb up with one leg, balance in the air and come down and do it with the other leg now. You can do it as long as you don’t tire but remember to observe intervals and increase the number of reps with every passing day because your muscles start to get used to all the pressure and balance and thus it strengthens your body properly and knees particularly.

Deep Bodyweight Squats Increase Flexibility

To help you increase your knee and hip flexibility, deep bodyweight squat is a best exercise that you can easily incorporate in your daily workout routine. This exercise has numerous other advantages for your body. It has different types and you can test yourself with a unique style every day. It has deep squats to goblet squats in which all your lower body goes into a good motion and thus helps you strengthen your legs. The lower you go the more balance it promises and gives you a perfect lower shape.

Calf Raises And Stretches Are Equally Important

To strengthen your legs and knees you need to have strong calves so the pressure that builds on your muscles could be lifted through them. So the best leg exercise includes calf raises and stretches as a proper calf raise supports your knee. It is an incredibly easy exercise but has its importance and credibility nevertheless. All you have to do is to stretch yourself up and pick your heels high so you could be balancing only on your toes. You can start with a small number of repetitions and increase with your ease and strength. To increase the difficulty level you can balance on one foot and perform these raises on one leg.