Every time you are planning a trip outside the country, after you are done with checking your passport to be valid, your next concern will always be on air tickets and accommodation. Though there is always a myriad of choices when it comes to accommodation, most people will prefer to spend their money on some nice hotels. In most cases you are used to, let’s call them “normal hotels”, where you get a nice place to sleep in and perhaps food as well.

However, there are some hotels in the world that will leave your mouth agape, and either you will have a strong desire to spend in them, or you will be completely turned off from booking them. If you are adventurous enough, here is a look at some of the strangest hotels you might be interested in hunting during your trips:

The Mirror Cube in Sweden

the mirror cube

The Mirror Cube is located in Harad, Sweden and it is one of the strangest hotel rooms you will ever see in your life. What you get is a room measuring 4x4x4 meters and nestled in a tree trunk. The walls of the hotel room feature a one-way mirror which grants you a 360 degrees view of the neighboring forested area. It has a double bed, enough for two people, and it also has a living area, a rooftop terrace and a bathroom. To access the hotel, you will have to use a rope bridge.

The Ice Hotel

the ice hotel

Just as the name suggests, this is a hotel made completely of ice, including the furniture and the beds. The temperatures at the hotel are always kept below -5 degrees Celsius. The uniqueness of this hotel comes not from the fact that it is made of ice, but it is a temporary hotel made only during the winter and when the temperatures warm up, it is destroyed until the next winter. Every year, all the rooms, chapels and the bars in the hotel are designed and built from scratch from thousands of tons of ice. The hotel is in Sweden and if you desire to spend a night there, then be sure get your online passport renewal and make a reservation in good time as the rooms fly past so quickly.

The Utter Inn

the utter inn

This is another unique hotel found in Sweden and it floats right in the middle of Lake Malaren. For beginners, the hotel has only one room and it is basically made of a cabin and a deck which is then allowed to float in the middle of the lake. Beneath the hotel, you will find a steep staircase that leads to the bedroom which is basically an aquarium. If you desire to spend some time, expect to be taken there on a boat and you will also be given an inflatable canoe you can use for getting around with. If you want to spend a night in a place surrounded by water with fish being your immediate neighbors, then you have every reason to consider booking this hotel for a night. Or more…

Palacio Del Sal

palacio del sal

Palacio Del Sal is in Bolivia and it makes it to our list of the strangest hotels in the world because it is the only hotel you will find made out of salt in the entire planet. Everything, ranging from the walls, ceilings, and floor are all made of salt. As a matter of fact, there is certain furniture you will also find made of salt. To construct the hotel, over one million blocks of salt was used. The hotel is located near Salar de Uyuni which happens to be the largest salt flat in history. If you have any intentions of visiting this hotel, then you should be advised that you are not allowed to lick the salt walls, even if you are just tasting for a little bit, and this is to prevent them from getting degraded. You can imagine what would happen if thousands of visitors licked the hotel walls every time they visited.

Marmara Antalya Hotel

revolving hotel

Marmara Antalya Hotel is another strange hotel you would wish to spend some time in during your travels. The hotel is located in Turkey, and it has a total of 214 rooms. From the balconies of the hotel, you will be treated with magnificent views of the Taurus Mountains, the city of Antalya and the Mediterranean Sea all from the same spots. This is because the hotel revolves all around. Its loft has a total of 24 rooms and the amazing thing about it is it looks like floating above a pool. It also implies that when you are in this hotel, and irrespective of the revolving loft room you booked, the views will always be changing. The hotel is not just the first building of its kind in the whole world, but also it is the recipient of the Most Innovative Concept in Luxury Awards in 2017.

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast

kokopelli cave

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast is in Farmington, New Mexico, and it is a very wonderful place for spending a night. The hotel was crafted by blasting out a mountainside before holes were drilled to make it possible for the installation of utilities such as electricity, plumbing works, and ventilation. The hotel is 100 feet below the surface and the only way to access it is through a ladder on a steep cliff. If you have any plans for staying in this unique hotel, be prepared to sign a waiver for any liabilities since there are so many things that can go wrong and the hotel is not ready to be held liable.

The Plane Hotel in Costa Rica

airplane hotel

How you feel like eating and sleeping in a Boeing 727 right in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle? Well, if you think that there is no way a Boeing would be in the middle of a jungle, then you need to visit the hotel plane in Costa Rica. The first glance at the hotel will make you think that the plane crashed into the tropical paradise, but the truth is that it is indeed a real Boeing that was salvaged and placed carefully in its current location in the jungle. The interior of the plane was then stripped off and refurbished using very beautiful teak wood. On the right wing of the plane, you find a wooden deck that extends outside towards the forest you can enjoy some amazing views.