There are over 16,000 locksmiths employed in the US.

When you lose your keys or lock yourself out of car or home, you can usually find someone to help you out within a matter of minutes. But, rather than relying on locksmiths, a better strategy is to learn how to stop locking keys in your car.

If you’re the forgetful type, adopting new routines is the key to ending this cycle (no pun intended). But there are also some concrete measures you can take to ensure you’re never locked out.

Keep reading for more tips on how to deal with a locked key in your car.

Lock Doors From Outside

If you can get yourself in the habit of only locking your car once you’ve exited it, you’ll be less likely to lock your keys in there. By locking from the outside, your keys are automatically on your person before you lock it up.

Make Your Keys Noticeable

Another way to keep yourself from locking keys in your car is to make them more noticeable. Attach a lanyard keychain to your car keys and that long strip will make your keys stand out to you more.

Create a Routine

Creating a routine around how you get out of your car can help you with remembering. Although this method takes some time to integrate, a dedicated routine and pattern will make you less likely to forget your keys in the car.

Think about the most efficient and memorable way to gather yourself, your things, and exit the car. For example, try leaving the car with your keys in one particular hand and only after gathering your belongings.

Spare Keys

While this doesn’t exactly help you from locking yourself out, it definitely spares you from having to call for help.

You can hide a spare key somewhere on the outside of your car. If you’re concerned with theft, there are a number of products that help you store your keys outside the vehicle while keeping them safe.

You might opt to keep a spare set of keys on your person, instead. This might be on a lanyard around your neck, where you’ll never for them, or in your purse or wallet.

Having a spare key on your person is especially helpful in an emergency situation. And if that does occur, find out how to deal with it before you’re in a panic.

Retractable Leash

One surefire way to remember your keys before leaving the vehicle is to attach them to your clothing with a retractable leash. This way, you’ll notice the tug on your jeans before you leave the car. In fact, you won’t even be able to leave the vehicle without taking the keys from the ignition.

Keyless Entry

If you’re constantly locking your keys in the car and can’t seem to stop, you might consider investing in a keyless entry system. With this technology, your car won’t lock as long as the keys are in the ignition.