In life, sometimes things seem more confusing than they really are. We easily blame the worse that’s happening to us, on to others without contemplating the fact that we ourselves could be the reason of this whole pain caused to us. It could be your own fault if someone hurts you, neglects you or is not pursuing a relationship with you seriously.

You need to stop complaining that love isn’t real. You need to stop blaming and start looking for the reasons that keep getting you hurt. When you a meet a person that charms you with his quick wit, you tend to get hooked with him. You often make multiple mistakes to end up hurt and broken without a slightest realization. Thus, you uselessly blame the boy, the world and even life.

Here are a few mistakes that you could be making and you need to stop, if you do not wish to get hurt again.

Missing Signs

When you were enjoying his wit, and was busy in giving him matching cheeky replies, you missed a couple of signs which were clearly about the things you do not wish, a man should have.

Ignoring Warnings

Your friends are a reflection of you which means they know you better than you know yourself. You ignored their warnings and misunderstood their intentions too. You didn’t listen to your friends when they knew better about the man and tried warning you. You even ignored the warnings of your own intuition, as well.

Respect Yourself

If you do not respect yourself and don’t meet people with full confidence then your man is bound to take you for granted. He will treat you below the mark and you will also tolerate it because you do not respect yourself enough to intimidate the other guy in your life to love and respect you in every step and decision of your life.

Pursuing Unattainable

You are wasting your time and effort in running after the unattainable. You know he is married or is in a relationship and you are still chasing him even though you know it too well you are putting your happiness at a risk.

You’re Trusting So Much

You are trusting every word he is uttering, even though you know nothing about him. This is the most heart shattering blow when you realize that he was lying to you all the night even the things he told about his identity were wrong too.

Re-read all these and if they sound familiar, even only one of them, it’s time to stop, reflect and make a decision. One for you and only you, one for your future and happiness.