Do you have guests and loved ones over often? If so, you will want to create a more inviting home to welcome them in. You will be happy to learn that making your home more inviting is simple- you can complete the process in 10 simple steps!

You will want to start sooner rather than later, especially if you have loved ones over soon. You can begin by reading this guide to get some inspiration. Here is what you need to do.

1. Work on the Entryway First

The entrance of your home is the first area that your guests see. It should be very welcoming, so they feel invited inside. You will want to spend more time decorating the entrance with soft, cozy textures.

The entryway should have plenty of lighting; adding mirrors will help with this. Welcome mats, flowers, and warm, welcoming colors are excellent for making the entryway cozier. Overall, your entrance should showcase the themes of the rest of your home.

2. Add Soft Materials

By placing plenty of soft textures in your home, you can make it feel much more inviting. You can add soft rugs, carpets, plenty of pillows, and soft blankets. If you have wooden couches and tables, adding some soft materials can make them feel more comfortable.

Blankets and pillows make wonderful decor and are the best way to add a further sense of comfort to the home. You can experiment with textures and patterns, adding your personality to the rooms.

Your guests will feel much more comfortable having some pillows and blankets to use while visiting with you.

3. Add Delicious Scents

Next, start adding some comfort scents to your rooms. A good-smelling home will help your guests feel more at ease. Plus, some scents make us feel more comfortable naturally. Vanilla scents and other light, clean smells are some of the best options.

However, you don’t have to use just candles. Wax melts, blooming flowers, and baking are all wonderful ways to make your home smell more comforting.

4. Keep Seating Close

Next, you will want to consider the seating arrangement in your living room. Where people sit is important in making the atmosphere inviting. You will want to keep your chairs and couches close together. Doing so encourages more discussion and helps guests feel comfortable.

When seating is too far apart, people will feel unwelcome and not want to talk with each other. You may also want to move some of your furniture around; too many items between seating will “block” guests from talking with each other.

5. Add an Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces are an amazing focal point to have in a living room. They also come with several benefits. Fireplaces produce warmth and light, allowing your home to feel very comfortable. However, installing a real fireplace can be quite expensive, and not everyone wants to burn wood inside.

Instead, you can try using a corner electric fireplace. These appliances produce realistic lighting and hear, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a real fireplace. Some models can look so real that your guests won’t know it’s electric- unless you decide to tell them.

6. Add Plenty of Plants

Next, adding natural items like plants, flowers, and wood into the home is much more inviting than man-made items. These items add pops of green, fresh air, and more life to your decor. Blooming flowers can also smell wonderful, helping to add a clean scent as well.

Indoor plants can improve your mood and lower the stress you feel. There are plenty of places you can put your plants too. Counters, tables, windowsills, and other surfaces can all hold small pots. Succulents are a great option for limited space, as they are quite small.

7. Use a Light Color Scheme

When trying to change the feel of a room, you should use light, inviting colors. Green is a very inviting color and makes people feel comfortable. Brown is a good warm color that works well without patterns and shades.

Finally, yellow and pink are some other warm colors to consider. Overall, you will want to consider your paint scheme greatly. Color can significantly affect people’s moods- you want to use calming options when making an inviting home.

8. Work on Decluttering

Having a cluttered home can make guests feel uncomfortable, and it may cause you stress. Start by organizing your stacks of mail, bills, magazines, and other items. Try your best to find a place for all of them. You don’t want to leave out a ton of junk when you have company coming over.

Clutter can be distracting and make people feel surrounded- which is not good for building a welcoming environment. Work on decluttering when you can, then do your best to keep the area clean.

9. Use Warm Lighting

Adding some more warm lighting from candles, fireplaces, or small lamps is a great idea. Warm, comforting lighting can make people feel more relaxed while in your home. They will likely remember the calming atmosphere the most.

You can also add more natural light sources, if possible. Natural lighting is good for making a room feel bright and clean. You can use thinner curtains and keep them open longer during the day.

10. Add Artwork

A welcoming home has plenty of art placed around intentionally. You can use any works that you love, which will also add a lot of personality to your rooms. Many people hang art above their fireplaces to create a solid center point there.

Make It Inviting For You

When you make your home more inviting for yourself, your guests will also feel more comfortable there. It’s your home- so feel free to decorate as you please. If you find something that feels very welcoming to you, then be sure to include it!

Overall, making your home inviting is simple when you focus on making it as cozy as possible. All your friends and loved ones will feel welcome.