Winter is coming fast and most people’s thoughts are turning to ways to stay cozy, warm, and healthy until the spring warms things up once again. Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do to ensure your family stays warm, doesn’t get sick, and has a cozy winter as well.

Warm Drinks

Drinking teas, coffees, and even hot cocoas, not only keep you warm, but they can help to fight a nasty cold as well, especially if you invest in real honeycomb to go into the hot tea you’re making. Not only do these drinks have health benefits, they taste great, and can help a scratchy throat to feel better. So, curl up in front of the fire with a book good, and drink a hot cup of tea, or other hot beverage to wile away the winter days inside.

Dress Cozy

There is nothing like slipping on a pair of cozy slipper socks on a cold, snowy, winter’s morning. Add a pair of comfy sweatpants and a sweatshirt and you will be warm all day. Cozy clothing also helps you from catching a chill, which can lead to a nasty cold that you don’t want to battle over the winter months. Don’t forget to add a cozy throw and a good book into the mix, and you will be comfy and warm all winter long.

Keep Your Home Fresh

Everyone knows that they should toss open their windows to the spring sunshine when the time comes, but in the winter it’s a little harder to keep your home fresh and free of the germs that cause the cold and flu. Even though it’s not spring, it is important to try to open your windows for at least a couple of minutes twice a day to let some fresh air inside. There are other ways to keep your home fresh in the winter as well, which will help you keep sickness at bay.

Homemade Soups

There isn’t much out there that tastes better than a hot mug of soup on a bitter winter’s day. Soups like beef vegetable and chicken noodle, have healing properties and are great for what ails you. Putting on a huge pot of homemade soup in the mornings, will not only help to warm your house, and heal your body and spirit, it will also make your freshly cleaning home smell like heaven as it simmers throughout the day.

Time With the Family

There is nothing like settling in on the couch with your family to watch movies on a rainy, cold day or gathering around the kitchen table to play board games. It’s the perfect way to stay warm, cozy, and happy all winter long.

These are just a few of the top ways to stay warm, healthy, and cozy during the long winter months ahead. Happy winter everyone and stay warm!