One dilemma for runners is to beat the rising temperature. There are several tricks and hacks to manage it and get rid of the heat but the best tip is to maintain a strong check and balance between your body systems and create a mechanism for your body, so that it can resist and sustain the rising temperature.

Basically, you have the internal and the external systems of your body and to stay cool, even when you are running in heated conditions, you have to push your vitals and dials to remain calm and adjustable to the diverse nature of temperature. Following are the few tips that can be helpful for you and your body to keep you cool:

Hydration Is Your Secret Key

The best trick to keep your temperature down is to stay hydrated. When you run, you obviously sweat more than your normal sweating routine which is why you need to drink water more than your normal drinking habit. Another hack could be to have small sips of really cold water or chew small chunks of ice cubes which will help you lower your internal temperature and won’t let you faint because of dehydration. You must monitor your heartbeat and even your sweating routine.

Ice for your body

A smart trick putting ice or a cold compress can help you monitor your external temperature. Place ice bags on your body especially your neck and wrists to make your blood cold that could move through the arteries and keep your temperature down. This could be made into a habit so your body can be regulated through it and you could maintain your own temperature.

Cool Apparels

Apparels play a major role in keeping your external body system cool. You need to dress properly for running because when you wear dark clothes, you tend to absorb sun rays, get heated and sweat more. Therefore, it is advisable to wear light colors and keep the fabric made of very light material. You can also alternate your track suit with shorts and sleeveless shirt to let the air through your clothing. Some stylists have even designed 100% UV protection clothes which can also be ideal for keeping your temperature down.