If you’ve ever considered opening a business of your own, and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then a swimming pool construction business could be for you.

Particularly if you live in an area that enjoys several months of warm temperatures every year, this is a business than can be both enjoyable and profitable at the same time.

But as with any business, it does require a good deal of planning before you can actually open the doors and begin looking for customers.

Here are a few things that come to mind:

You’ll Need The Proper Equipment. Once you’ve decided that a swimming pool business is actually the route you want to take, then this should be step number one. And there’s a good reason for this – the equipment is quite expensive and you want to be sure that you’re not getting in over your head. Basic equipment includes poles with both skimmer and vacuum attachments, vacuum hoses, chemical balance test kits, pool water chemicals and several physical tools necessary to do the job. And here’s a big one – you’ll also need to purchase a truck for transporting materials, if you don’t already own one.

Get Certified. Your jurisdiction will almost certainly have required fees to become certified for cleaning public pools. This is not related to construction and installation, of course, but it could open up another source of revenue for you and your business. We joined the American Pool and Spa Association which helped us tremendously, says Eddie Sanchez, a trusted pool builder in San Antonio TX.

Establish Your Rate Schedule. You need to decide up front how much you want to charge for installing residential swimming pools. Be sure to also plan for additional upgrades and for installations that are going to require extra time and labor. You might also want to establish fees for cleaning and/or opening and closing pools for the season. Again, it’s an additional revenue stream for you.

Advertising And Marketing. You have your pool business up and running, but people need to know about it before they can hire you. Take out an ad in the local newspaper or engage in different marketing strategies (both online and offline) to get the word out. If you have business cards, leave them as many places as you can. Pool supply stores and pool builder offices are great places to start.

Establish a Business Checking Account. You’re going to need a way to handle the money for the business, so take your tax documents to a local bank and open up a checking account. Get a business credit card to better track your expenses and income for tax purposes down the road.

A few other questions to think about before launching your pool installation business…

How much does a pool business make?

Well that depends on a number of factors, including where you’re located, how long the warm weather season is and what you establish as your rates. On average, pool service professionals in the United States make around $50 to $60 an hour cleaning and servicing pools. Installations, however, have so many different variables to consider that it’s difficult coming up with a number. Just think of it this way – the harder you work and the more clients you have, the more money you’ll make.

How much do pools cost to build?

According to data available online, the average cost for a 32 foot by 16 foot in-ground swimming pool in the United States is around $22,000. Again these are not hard numbers, but merely averages that you can go by. The price of a backyard swimming pool can vary greatly and really depends on how simple or how elaborate you want to get with it. Do you want a sliding board, a diving board, an enlarged patio or any of several other additional elements? This will obviously add to the final price of your pool.

Does a swimming pool add value to a property?

Sadly, this is not usually the case. Never add a swimming pool with the intention of adding value to your home, but simply as a place to enjoy as a family. Experts recommend never spending more than 10 to 15 percent of what you paid for your home on a swimming pool. Any more than that and you risk investing too much in something that’s probably not going to pay you back in the long run.

What do swimming pool contractors actually do?

As a swimming pool contractor, you’ll be building and repairing pools and equipment related to them. You may also be installing safety devices and other pool-related elements. You don’t need any formal education to become certified in this field, but you will need to become licensed in your jurisdiction before beginning work installing swimming pools.