No wonder Keto diets have taken the dietary world by storm. They showed the world a new picture of how to lose weight and be healthier. But unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions or myths that have developed among people about Keto. For instance, Keto is, cutting all forms of carbs completely from your diet, or even stuff like carbs and insulin are the only reason one gains weight, which is completely unjustified by science.

This has led to a wrong approach to Keto diets in people. Forget about success and results you want to achieve, if carried and performed wrongly, you will see adverse effects from the diet. So to clear the air, I have rounded up a list of tips and things you need to know before you begin with a ketogenic diet.

1. Reckon what suits you

There are a lot of theories out there and practically no one can claim that this theory is better than the rest. Two theories can be completely different, yet one works for one part of the population and the next for the others. The key is to find what works for you and your body composition. We all have different bodies, the reason why there is no one-size-fits-all hypothesis.

But here’s a secret that we all wanted to hear: If you want to lose weight, the key is not to eat fewer carbs infact your primary apparatus must be to avoid calories. That is, you need to control your cravings and gorge onto minimum calories to maintain the figure. Well, the Keto diet is primarily driven by this motto. After all, there’s a reason why more than 20 studies confirm that Keto can drastically help you reduce weight.

2. Learn to consume Keto foods

It is now a well-known fact that a Keto diet restricts the intake of your carbohydrates to a certain limit, this is mainly aided by including foods in your diet that are very low in carbs. However, for each person, it might depend, considering the requirement, age, and several other factors.

Just be vigilant with your food choices so that you can reap the benefits of eating highly satiating food. Sometimes you might even be asked to quit on your favourite food because of its high carbohydrate nature. Mind you, you cannot binge on certain fruits because you have been advised that they are healthy. Of course, they are healthy, but some are high on carbs and sugar that you need to avoid. Google the dos and don’ts of eating before you begin.

3. Keeping track

It is important that you track what you eat because otherwise while you are thinking that your diet is in a calorie deficit, but the reality is quite the contrary. So instead of shredding the extra numbers in your weight, you will be gaining it.

We tend to underestimate our actual calorie consumption throughout the day and so invariably gain weight. Even research stand by that. It gets very complicated to keep a hand count of the calories you eat through the day, so instead resort to tools like calorie calculator and scale. They will generate more accurate results, and further, help you in your weight loss journey.

4. Take care of your food environment

You are not just what you eat, in fact you are what, when and where you eat. Our food environment has evolved drastically and today it is such that our brains and bodies are not capable to handle the abundant food environment leading to irrational weight gain.

We are surrounded with calorie-rich processed foods that trigger our desire to get it and today with zillions of options on our mobile phones it’s almost irresistible. We are stuck in a vicious cycle of overeating, without any effort, hence gaining weight.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid the extra calories from your food environment: Keep only Keto-friendly food at your house, plan your meals ahead of time, avoid convenient foods and don’t forget to keep a track on your macros.

5. Find other Keto-dieters and collaborate

You are never alone, there are hundreds of struggling with the same problems without your notice. The idea behind this point is to find out more Keto dieters like you and collaborate with them. Collaboration is often underestimated and overlooked, but people do not understand the power of support, both physically and mentally. The right push can help you achieve benchmarks you haven’t dreamt of. There are pages and communities on social networking sites, especially for all the Keto-dieters. Find and join them and of course contribute with your journey up until now. I’ve been using keto guru to binge start with my keto diet plan, it works wonderfully.

If you do something, it is important that you do it right, especially when your body is at stake. Follow these tips on your Keto journey and I am sure you will emerge as a healthier and better individual by the end.