It doesn’t matter which time of the year it is; you need to choose clothing that is not only attractive but also that you are comfortable in.

Although most of us are reluctant to turn to Pinterest for clothing or outfit operation, the truth is, the platform is an expert at all trendy things. Not only can you get interior design and DIY ideas, but you will also know what is trending as far as men’s fashion wear is concerned.

However, we understand you are busy, and you may not have enough time to go checking on Pinterest every time you need to add something in your closet. In this post, we will talk about the most trendy spring/summer men’s fashion ideas this year.

Men’s fashion is slowly getting more adventurous, colorful, and less constrained by old dress codes and rules. Here are some of the best spring/summer menswear trends this year.

1. The Return And Reinvention Of Tailoring

Tailoring is back with a bang! Not very long time ago, tailoring was replaced with pretty sportswear that you could be sure to find in almost every man’s wardrobe.

However, fashion is one endless cycle, and it appears that that two piece that was once considered too official or made you appear corporate is the next big thing. However, it is different this time.

Big designer brands such as Dior, Alexander McQueen, and Louis Vuitton are among the latest fashion designers to turn to tailoring for their collections. However, theirs is not a typical suit as you know it. Instead of navy and grey, colors are creams and daring pastels, instead of form-fitted cuts, they are opting for oversized ones. While a tie is always known to accompany a suit, you will rarely see a tie in these latest designs.

2. Skatewear

Of course, skatewear is more preferred in sunnier weather than in winter or colder climates. This seems to be the trend as well this year.

The big question when it comes to skatewear is; which brands do I go for? It is crucial that you maintain a healthy balance between price and quality.

The next thing is fitting. I am sure you know that skatewear hoodies and tees tend to be a little larger than the norm. It is therefore crucial that you go for your or his (if you are buying for your boyfriend or brother) normal size. If you are looking to make an impact or impression at the skatepark, then look for at least two sizes bigger.

3. Tucked-in Shirts

Do tucked-in shirts somehow bring back some memories of your high school life? This year, be ready for some flashbacks!

Nowadays, tucked-in shirts seem to be the new trend. However, it is not just tucking in; the secret here is to keep your shirt somehow relaxed and not too tightly packed. You need the following: a forgiving pair of pants, a long shirt (just slightly longer), and a statement-making belt.

How do you nail it? Start by tucking in your shirt, but then almost immediately, start pulling out the sides until the perfect look or appearance is achieved.

4. Knitwear

Well, it is hard to associate knitwear with summer. However, try a lightweight sweater or cardigan in a cool spring morning, and you will be surprised. Look for high-quality knitwear that will serve you for a considerable time.

5. Color

It is not all about quality, men are also concerned about color choices this time around. Bold colors seem to be carrying the day in Spring/Summer season.

Men don’t seem to care whether the colors are in accents in their threads, are in blocks or patterns. However, one thing is clear; the more they are, the better.

Brands such as Versace, Martine Rose, and Louis Vuitton are into the rainbow. Of course all-over color is not everybody’s cup of coffee, but bold accents will surely keep you at the top of the game.

If you are not a color person, it doesn’t mean that you can’t move with this wave. Just start with what you are comfortable with and gradually build your confidence.

6. Double-Breasted Jackets

As already mentioned, fashion is an endless cycle. In an unpredicted turn of events, double-breasted jackets are trending once again.

If you are a big person especially, this may be the time to invest in these jackets. Why?

This piece is not only stylish and striking but also flattering for people with larger midriffs. Depending on your budget, you have a wide range of brands to choose from. However, whichever brand you go for, remember to book an appointment with your tailor to ensure that the piece fits you like a glove.

7. Shorts

We can never talk about summer fashion trends without mentioning shorts for men. Shorts have always been great for warmer seasons, and this year is not an exception.

While khaki may be a neutral option, feel free to explore other options such as navy and black shorts.

For casual situations, athletic shorts are easy options. What is interesting about this year men’s fashion is that men are trying to work shorts into their social attire.

As a golden rule of thumb, try to avoid overly long and baggy choices. Just go for fitting shorts, extending to just above the knee.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, men have not been left behind as far as fashion trends are concerned. Contrary to a common belief, fashion and elegance are not for women only, and men are upping their game too.

While it is important to fit in and move with the crowd, it is essential that you find something that works best for you. For instance, while I may not be comfortable in shorts, I may be a great fan of double-breasted jackets. It is all about understanding your personality as well as what makes you look great.

However, don’t be shy to explore or try out new ideas. You might be surprised at just how amazing you might look and feel in those tucked-in shirts that remind you so much of your uneventful high school life!

All in all, pay more attention to quality. You don’t want to be spending your hard-earned cash in some attire that won’t even last you the season, right?