Springtime is perfect for enjoying the warmer weather and getting outside after cold winters indoors. The possibilities for outdoor activities are endless and being out in the sun is great for relieving stress. Spring is also a perfect time to try something new and spend time with your family or friends. With the new season quickly approaching, it’s time to plan all the fun things you’re looking to do this spring. Here are some of our favorite activities that we can’t wait to start enjoying, consider adding them to your own list!

1. Going to the Park

When spring rolls around the sun comes out, the weather gets warmer, and the grass turns green again. Going to the park is a great place to go in the spring because there are so many activities you can do. If you have kids, most parks have large playgrounds that they can enjoy for hours. Most parks also have grills and picnic tables so you can have a fun picnic with family and friends.

Other awesome outdoor activities at the park include playing a game of basketball or soccer, walking or running along the paths, or relaxing in a hammock (read more about hammocks at this Outdoor Adventure site). Most parks are filled with tall trees that make it perfect to spend your afternoon or evening sitting back in a hammock. Bring a group of friends or family members and make an evening out of it. You can pack snacks and other activities for you to enjoy. Most cities have many different parks, so check with your local parks and recreation department to explore a new one.

2. Remote Control Toys

Remote control toys are fun outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. There are also many different kinds of remote control toys such as RC boats, cars, and trucks. Remote controlled boats are exciting because they can be used in various bodies of waters from lakes, rivers, ponds, and pools. They can be an exciting way to enjoy the waters before it’s warm enough to swim in them yourself. Remote control boats have quickly become a popular category of remote control vehicles. If you haven’t operated a remote control boat yet, you should purchase one and get driving this spring.

3. Gardening

Springtime is the perfect time to start gardening. The options for what you can grow are limitless. If you’ve been interested in growing fruits and vegetables, try building your own plant boxes in your backyard. Not only does this get you active, but growing your own fruits and vegetables is a great way to add nutrients into your diet and it can be rewarding sharing your fresh garden with others.

If you’re looking to spruce up the outside of your house, a great way to do this is by planting flowers. In the spring, many greenhouses are in full bloom with tons of options for flowers and plants to add to your outdoor spaces. If you’re new to gardening and planting flowers, zinnias, marigolds, and pansies are great beginner flowers that can bring beautiful color and life to your home. Consider building your own outdoor planters in your front or back yard, or install window boxes to plant your flowers in.

4. Visiting farmers markets

Along with doing some gardening of your own, many farmers and local businesses will have amazing fresh fruits, vegetables, and baked goods that are in season for spring. Most farmers markets operate on the weekends and is a great way to spend your Saturday or Sunday. Some of our favorite fresh produce in season for spring include apricots, carrots, and spinach. Your local farmers market may have a new fruit or vegetable that you have never tried before. It’s a great way to try new things with a group of friends or family while supporting local businesses.

5. Neighborhood cleanup

Earth day falls right in the middle of spring and one great way to help the planet is by organizing a neighborhood cleanup. Not only is this great community service, but it gives you a chance to get to know your neighbors and make some new friends. Plan an afternoon on a weekend, grab a group of people and some trash bags and spend a few hours picking up trash in and around your neighborhood. You will be surprised how much trash you will end up with and your neighborhood will look great.

Once the cold winter ends and springtime rolls around, it’s the perfect chance to try something new and get outside. The possibilities for outdoor activities are truly endless. Some of our favorites are relaxing at the park, driving remote control boats, and gardening, going to farmers markets and cleaning up our neighborhoods. Spring is right around the corner so start making a list of all the new things you want to try this season.