Spring is such an exciting time in the world of fashion and beauty. From amazing floral ensembles to brighter, dewy fresh makeup looks, spring has it all. But let’s not forget to have fun with our hair too, ladies!

If you want to do something fun and exciting with your hair this spring, keep reading for the spring hair color of your dreams. Here are our favorite hair color trends for Spring 2020.

1. Just a Hint of Rose

A look we are loving for spring is brushstrokes of rose or light pink incorporated into hair colors. If you’ve never done color in your hair before and are hesitant but interested, this is a great way to have some subtle shades of pink.

We especially love this look with an ashy brown ombre that bleeds into a dirty blond. Perfect for those who prefer partial vs full highlights, the streaks of pastel pink add such an amazing highlight to this already dazzling blend. After getting this dye, try doing long, loose waves, and awesomely adorable top knots to show off your textures and layers.

2. Silver Is Sticking Around for Spring

This trend was everywhere for winter, but this icy look is going to stick around for spring. A dark silver going into a lighter silver ombre is a way to make this look shiny for spring. If you’re looking to really lighten up your silver ombre, finish it off with bleach blonde ends.

While this hair trend is a bit high maintenance, it’s so fun and unexpected and works on both blond and brunette hair colors.

3. Just Peachy

The peach hair color trend is seriously taking over this year. This peachy tint is such a fun way to play with the in-between of blonds and reds. This fearless look is rich, creamy and unique.

This hairstyle will settle best on a blond, as the blond undertones will add a buttery, glossy feel to this creamsicle dream. We love this look in long and loose waves so that the colors bounce off the waves for a full shine.

4. Pearly and Girly

If your looking to do something different with your blonde hair this spring, but don’t want to lose your light strand, the pearly blonde coloring might be perfect for you. This is becoming the new platinum blonde and is working off the silver trend in a more subtle way.

This shiny pearly white has undertones of silver for some shimmer, truely resembling a pearl. This looks great with any blondie with naturally straight hair, as a straight hairstyle lets the spring sunshine really radiate off this fun hair color.

5. Ice Ice Baby

The metallic trend is sticking around for a while, and we’re especially loving this trend with an icy blue for spring. While blue might make you think this trend would be best for winter, we disagree.

Make this look springy by doing a blue ombre, starting with pure indigo at the roots that bleed into a shiny, silver ice blue with hints of lilac. This ombre idea gives the complex color effect for your favorite spring bouquet. Styling in bouncy waves is a great way to show off the amazing color palette of your strands.

6. Unique Unicorn Trend

While the unicorn trend is bold, it is seriously eyecatching and gorgeous. This trend isn’t going anywhere, and we love a light pastel take on this trend for spring. This look is perfect for blonds with long thick hair, as you will need a lot of strands to get the full effect.

Try going for a feminine take, combining brushstrokes of pearly pinks and lavenders. Leave some blond strands visible, but have your stylist gloss them for a shiny look that will be majestic and mystical.

We love how when the pinks start to mesh into the blonde strands, they show hints of creamsicle hues, for a complete pastel dream. A soft wave is a great way to complete this princess-like look.

7. Vivacious Violet

Violet can be such a pretty hair color for spring. We especially love a dusty violet for a look that is so dynamic. When applied, a dusty lavender ombre will begin with a dusty silver, bleeding into dainty lavender, and then into a subtle powder pink.

Complete this look with soft waves and loose braids around the crown for a look that will weave these shades together beautifully. This looks great with your favorite pink floral sleeveless maxi. The violets will pop for any girl whos hair grazes their shoulders.

8. Playing With Fire

If you’re not afraid to go for a fierce and bold look, a sunset firey orange is a great way to go deeper with the peach hair trend that will dominate this year. If you’re a redhead looking to do something different and eyecatching with their hair this spring, you should go for this look!

Your stylist will want to start with copper at the roots, bleeding into crisp orange with auburn tints worked in throughout. The spring sunshine will sparkle on these striking shades, which look best when curled into waves.

The Perfect Spring Hair Color For You

No matter your hair type or color, there is something in this spring hair color guide for everyone! Whether you want to go bold or subtle, these fun and feminine pastels are sure to pair perfectly with all the cute dresses that come with spring.

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