Taking a look at some of the top sports programs and activities that may not be offered by your kid’s school. How to get your kid into the activity they enjoy.

Around 45 million kids in the United States take part in an organized sport.

Sports teams and extracurricular activities are necessary for children to develop skills. They can learn about the importance of commitment, reliability, and communication.

However, with so many activities and teams to choose from, it can be difficult for your child to find their passion. So which activities are the most popular?

Continue reading to discover the top sports programs and activities that your child can try to develop new skills!

1. Basketball

Basketball is one of the top sports programs in the United States.

Both boys and girls enjoy playing basketball on teams outside of school. Most communities offer recreational basketball teams that play in the evenings and on the weekends.

Kids that play basketball can learn about the importance of being active and utilizing their abilities. Basketball relies heavily on teamwork and communication, making it perfect for your social child!

2. Soccer

If you have a child that is always kicking things around, you may want to sign them up in soccer.

Soccer can help keep your child healthy and improve their strength. This sport can help your child build confidence when they are both on and off the field. Soccer doesn’t cost much to play and the equipment is fairly cheap, making it an excellent choice of sport.

3. Academic Athletes

If you have a child that doesn’t want to play sports, and instead read a book, they might be interested in academic activities.

A popular after school activity that kids enjoy is going to Kumon Math. They can test their skills and expand their knowledge of math and reading in a fun way. Debate teams and spelling bees are other activities that your child may be interested in.

The biggest benefit of academic activities is that you will see improvements in their school work as well!

4. Dance

Not all sports require a ball or puck. Dancing is a fun after school activity that your child can participate in.

This activity will teach them persistence and motivation. Your child must overcome their difficulties to shine on stage. Dancing is an excellent way to keep them fit and healthy, along with teaching them about commitment.

5. Martial Arts

If you have a child who always wanted to be a superhero, you can consider signing them up for martial arts.

Martial arts teaches children about self-discipline and patience. The skills that your child will learn in these classes will help them throughout life and give them the ability to defend themselves.

Top Sports Programs That Your Child Will Enjoy

Getting your child involved in one of the top sports programs for after school can be a great learning experience for them.

You don’t have to sign your child up in a sports team to get them to gain skills. Athletic programs, dance, and martial arts all teach children about discipline and commitment.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your child about their interests so that they can enjoy what they do.

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