Just about everyone feels aimless and adrift at least occasionally, but such feelings can also come to dominate a person’s life. In many such cases, it will be a lack of attention to spiritual matters that ultimately makes concrete, everyday activities feel empty, pointless, or unrewarding.

Even people who consider themselves quite spiritual can suffer from a deficit of associated direction. Taking action to develop a more definite, reliable sense of spiritual direction can improve your quality of life in many ways.

Spirituality is a Potentially Powerful Asset

Feelings like sadness, anxiety, and simple uncertainty have plagued human beings for millennia. In some cases, such emotions are entirely natural, transient, and even healthy.

Many people find themselves struggling with negative emotions quite regularly, even to the point that such battles interfere with personal and professional responsibilities. It might seem as if engaging in therapy would be the only reasonable response to such problems, but there are alternatives that can be worth exploring.

Groups like Cenacle Sisters, for instance, often help people develop a spiritual direction that serves them well in many ways. Acquiring a feeling of connection with higher power can allow a formerly troubled person to start getting back in control.

Working Toward a More Profound Relationship With the World

There are people who seem to be naturally attuned to spiritual matters and experiences, but even they can benefit from consciously, intentionally cultivating that trait further. There are as many means of developing increased spiritual direction as there are ways of relating to the deep, mysterious side of the world.

One of the most common means is for someone with an established sense of spiritual direction to help another person focus on the development of their own. That can take a variety of forms in practice, with many thriving religions having their own takes on this potentially valuable sort of relationship. A mentor who strives to help impart more spiritual direction in other people will often do so with reference to:

  • Faith. The most common manifestations of spirituality include some degree of faith in a higher power. Whether that means confidence in the existence and love of a personal God or a more abstract belief in forces like destiny, faith helps put the mind at rest. That creates a crucial opening that allows the spiritual side of existence to become clearer and more instructive.
  • Discipline. Just about every major religion requires that adherents practice self-control and other forms of discipline. Being disciplined about living builds inner strength that many belief helps spirituality flourish. A person’s own self-discipline can even start to seem, at a certain point, like the continuation of a force emanating from the spiritual dimension of existence.

A Sort of Direction That Can Benefit Many

Many people today grapple with feelings like social isolation that can cast a pall over life in general. In most cases, looking for ways to become better protected against such negative, enervating emotions will be much more productive than passively accepting them.

One of the best ways to become a more complete, resilient human being is to discover and develop a feeling of spiritual direction. The most effective means of doing so tends to be working under the tutelage and guidance of someone with an advanced sense of spiritual direction of their own. Such relationships can end up being among the most productive and rewarding for people to participate in.