Sex is one of the few fundamental aspects that bind two people together in a romantic relationship. There are other factors at play here, of course, but there is no denying the impact which sex, or the lack of it, can have on any romantic relationship. However, this is fairly common knowledge, but there’s more to sex than just going through the motions, so to speak!

Exciting as the concept itself may be, boredom among partners is common. More often than not, that unaddressed boredom is what makes people drift apart from each other or make ruinous mistakes. To further elaborate on the point, let us now look at a few key aspects that will highlight the importance of keeping things interesting in bed, even after two kids and a few decades!

Boredom is a Bigger Enemy of Relationships than Couples Realize

Some may call it human folly, while others believe it’s just the natural progression of things, but what most couple therapists agree on is the fact that boredom is directly or indirectly one of the chief instigating reasons behind both cheating and breakups/divorces, sometimes consequently.

As human beings, it is in our nature to seek thrill and when that thrill slowly fizzles out of a relationship, so does the flame of passion. Partners will often seek that lost thrill elsewhere, instead of trying to spice up their own beautiful relationships, which is quite unfortunate.

What Exactly Does “Spicing Up” Our Sex Lives Entail?

This is inarguably the most valid, as well as the most difficult question to answer in the context of what we are discussing because a universal, singular answer simply doesn’t exist.

“Spicing up” can mean using sex toys in the bedroom, trying new positions, or exploring uncharted territories with your partner. In short, it’s all about adding new flavors in your relationship and exploring both of your sexuality together.

What will appeal to the sexual desires of both partners in a relationship is something that only they can tell. The irony is, unless you try out a few things first, you won’t really know what you are into either! Also, you won’t know where the clitoris is?

The Importance of Communication

From roleplaying and swinging adventures, to enjoying live porn/sex shows on Chaturbate or any of the Chaturbate alternatives, the possibilities are plentiful here, but there is a catch. What might be a bonding factor for one couple could very well be an extremely uncomfortable experience for another.

Talk with your partner, find out what he/she wants and then plan for your first sensual adventure together, as a couple. For now, though, you may really want to keep your sexual adventures limited to the virtual world, on account of the lockdown and, of course, the main cause behind the lockdown.

Aside from exploring new avenues of sensual desires, you may also want to revive some of the old ones as well. Every couple has a few kinky secrets and if you can remember something that you did a long time ago but have not repeated since it might just bring thrills and chills you two had forgotten about completely. Nostalgia can do amazing things for spicing up the sex life!