It’s Friday night and you’re hanging out with your buddies. The routine is the same: dinner, drinks, and whatever game is on television. Why settle for the same boring thing when you can change it up with an activity that is sure to provide entertainment, competition, and fun! Here are 5 social activities you and our buddies can do that will surely add fun to your Friday night.

Axe Throwing

When strength meets a target, there is always going to be good competition, high-fives, and plans to return.

Axe throwing requires the strength to throw an axe down the lane and make it stick in the target. Additionally, enough dexterity and hand-eye coordination required to make sure the axe is released at the correct point to move towards the target and not towards the ground with a late release.

This social activity has recently gained popularity with celebrities, such as Justin Timberlake and Jason Momoa, posting videos to Instagram partaking in axe throwing.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a full-body workout focusing on the improvement of strength while helping maintain dexterity through proper gripping.

Indoor rock climbing gyms across the United States have memberships and events, such as group activities. This provides an opportunity to develop a new social circle as well as get a good workout in with current friends.

There are various routes to climb to the top of the wall. Nothing more fun than a race to the top!

Yoga Class

Yoga is typically associated with women. One of the most recent yoga classes sweeping the nation is yoga and BEER! That’s right. You can enjoy a pint of pilsner while in the Warrior pose.

Yoga requires the strength to remain stable and various breathing techniques have been linked to improving dexterity. While the poses look simple, muscles have often not been used in these positions before, testing the mental and physical strength of the participant.

Many taprooms and breweries have these events. Meet up with friends or meet new people to enjoy beers after work while relaxing and working on your flexibility.

Softball League

Recreation centers across the nation have adult slow-pitch softball leagues. Relive the glory days of high-school baseball while testing your hand-eye coordination and how far you can still hit a ball.

Like baseball, softball requires a high level of hand-eye coordination, dexterity, endurance, and strength. The strong and more hand-eye coordination you have, the further you can hit a ball. With enough dexterity, you can effectively strike out the opposing team.

Joining a softball league is like joining a Thursday night family. Build relationships while showing everyone you really were a home-run hitter.

Basketball League

Basketball continues to serve as a national pastime that adults and children continue to play. It requires high levels of dexterity and strength.

Can you dunk? Can you shoot a 3-pointer from half-court? Can you dribble and break ankles like Steph Curry? Work on these skills and get into contests with friends!

Joining a basketball league builds your social circle while also giving you a rejuvenating workout!

What are You Waiting For?

So what are you waiting for right now? Strength and dexterity aren’t just built in a gym. Whether it’s throwing axes or throwing strikes, get out there and start moving!