Sneakers for ladies haven’t always been stylish. There was a time, not so long ago, that we didn’t even wear them. If we did, we were probably playing tennis. Today, women with busy lifestyles, overworked professionals, or those prone to overdressing still neglect to add sneakers to their shoe wardrobe.

Are you addicted to nude heels and flats, with nothing in between? Does your lifestyle demand rugged boots or polished pumps, and nothing else? Here are three reasons you should check out a pair of sneakers for a change.

1. Sneakers support your desire for a healthier lifestyle. Are you setting any new weight loss or fitness goals this year? Set yourself up for success by treating yourself to a new pair of sneakers. With sneakers, you’re certainly more capable of going for a run, taking a spontaneous walk, or any other number of physical activities.

We all know that what we wear has a massive influence on how we feel and behave. If you want to be more fit and active, incorporate more items that reflect that into your wardrobe. It begins with the right shoes. Go out and do your weekend errands in a new pair of trainers, and you just might be inspired to be more physically active.

2. They can give your tired feet a break. Do you have an enviable collection of heels that you can’t help but show off? There’s no way around it; constantly wearing heels is murder on your feet. From bunions and hammertoes to spinal problems, our skeletons didn’t evolve to tolerate non-stop high heels.

Even if you’re mindful with your heels, there are long-term impacts to consider. Keeping your weight in the front of the feet can cause your Achilles tendon to shorten from chronic underuse. So as you get older, you’ll find yourself enslaved by those heels, unable to stand the discomfort of stretching a shrunken, atrophied tendon. The best way to prevent this from happening is to switch up your footwear regularly, so you spend enough time standing and walking with your weight more evenly distributed across the foot.

3. Sneakers are essential to modern style. Are we done with athleisure? Perhaps not, but in any case, streetwear has recently been reinvigorated. While a tall stiletto boot, a chunky bootie, or even ultra-casual slides can fit into the street style trend, sneakers are an absolute must with some of these looks. Even the modern brand Balenciaga is turning out the season’s hottest sneakers – no laces required.

We’re mixing it up with sneakers more than ever. They turn up the cool, casual vibe when paired with a slouchy, men-inspired suit, they always look on point with leggings, and more designers are turning them out to match high-end looks.

Sneakers are much better for your health than high heels, but that’s clearly not enough to make us quit. If anything, learn to mix things up and display your range by including fresh, modern sneakers in your style rotation. With today’s designs targeted toward those who aren’t focused on mere athletics, there’s simply no excuse not to give sneakers one more chance.