Life is full of calamitous events – being late for an important interview, the arrival of your in-laws, attending a dreaded function or going to the dentist. Most of us have realized that in the 21st century we simply can’t afford to indulge in the luxury of despair. Some people are positive and say that stress needn’t get you down though, especially because there are many experts who are ready to help. Each of these experts have developed individual coping strategies and one of them can work for you.

Bear in mind that events aren’t stressful – but rather it’s how we perceive them that make us feel so on edge. Stress basically comes from feeling out of control and the real key to relieving stress is gaining control over irritants you actually do have the power to change and accepting those you don’t.

We look at 8 of the common reasons people seek professional counseling:

Your Urge to Splurge

We’re all guilty of this – just loving to spend our money on all those oh-so-attractive items. How easy it is to overspend any time of the year, but especially over the festive season, as then goods are wrapped more attractively. Shop assistants too put on big smiles to encourage you to buy. There are so many temptations to splurge, and if you’ve been doing it for years and you have piles and piles of unpaid bills, you’re in serious debt and no doubt on the brink of being tipped over the edge into insolvency.

Sexual Fears – Impotence

Many men battling with impotency seek counseling because of their sexual fears and their marriage being in jeopardy. Impotence is something many young men are experiencing too, at least temporarily. It is made worse by anxiety and fear of failure, but the condition in most men over the age of 50 will have a physical cause.

Fortunately, only a minority of impotence problems require any kind of surgery. There are things a man can do to help prevent the condition – lose excess weight, eat correctly and to stop smoking. With preventative measures and counseling, there really is no reason a man cannot have a fulfilling sex life from youth to old age.

Trauma can lead to Depression

Many people the world over are suffering with trauma every day, and many victims are our families and friends. They’ve experienced the aftermath of car accidents, shootings, rape, torture, and murder. Since experiencing the trauma, their lives have been hell and seem to just seem to be a series of endless problems.

Trauma has a profound impact on the way the victim functions every day and it’s only natural that one’s thoughts become consumed by the traumatic incident. It’s quite common that those who have suffered with trauma will suffer other mental-health difficulties such as depression. Counseling is absolutely imperative. There are many clinics that offer a host of therapy specialities for harmful habits, for trauma, for couples, singles – you name it. Counseling at such clinics will help you rise and shine again with a smile on your face.

Social Phobias increase over the Festive Period

There are millions of people the world over who suffer with anxiety disorders related to going to functions and mixing with people. They have an irrational fear about all the parties and functions that come thick and fast with the end of year festivities. They will do whatever it takes to avoid some events. Some functions are avoidable but others aren’t and then the approaching hour of the event threatens to send some people into a panic attack. You’re sweating, palpitating, you’ve got stomach cramps, you’re vomiting and you’ve got chest pains. There is help with cognitive behavior therapy and counseling.

Infidelity and Navigating away from Bitterness

Infidelity in a marriage as well as in engagement can be so damaging that most people want the relationship to be over. Finding out your spouse or partner has crossed the line with somebody else or is involved in an online relationship or watching porn can be humiliating, embarrassing and deeply hurtful. Even if a couple doesn’t pursue their relationship, counseling will be required to navigate away from feelings of bitterness and hatred and to help you move on stronger and more resilient than ever.

Differences spell Friction?

In a relationship two people from the same culture, same religion and same country are guaranteed difficulties, so when a person marries someone from another culture, another country and with different religious beliefs, it spells friction all the way – it’s not being negative, it’s being realistic. If you’re on the point of divorcing because of religious- and other differences, counseling can help each of you build on- and appreciate the differences instead of opposing them.


Finding out you have a life-threatening illness such as cancer can make you feel helpless, angry, anxious and depressed. It may even affect your relationships at home as you hold back the news, not wanting to upset anyone. You need to talk to someone. With a counselor, you can talk openly about your feelings and get the support and direction you need to cope.

Changes in Circumstances

There are many people who can’t handle change. Moving house, especially after years in the same place, can be a miserable experience filled with stress and apprehension. You may have moved once before and haven’t fully recovered and a new move could spell a mental breakdown. It’s not just the packing, it’s getting to know the area, making new friends or feeling so depleted so as not to want to be around anyone – new or otherwise. You’re not alone – it is common for those experiencing major life changes to seek help through counseling.


Think that chugging down gallons of alcohol will be good for drowning your sorrows? It’s tempting to do that as it may offer immediate relief, but unfortunately it’s only temporary. Are you holding back from getting help? Why not read more here and find out how the right kind of help can boost your self-esteem and get you smiling again?

It’s time to stop telling your family ‘one day’ you’ll get help. If there is something you need to do to get over any one of the major hurdles mentioned here, call a counselor and make a booking – just that one small step!