Gone are the days when all things need to be managed, maintained, and utilized manually. Thanks to the wonderful works of technology, almost all things today are now usable even if they are out of your arm’s length.

But, in a more literal sense, what is a smart home technology?

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is basically the system where homeowners have the ability to control, manage, and maintain home appliances and other items inside the house with a simple touch of a button or a tap on the screen, or even with your voice.

Most homeowners are certainly familiar with Alexa, Siri, and Ok Google. These technologies actually allow homeowners to take control of almost anything inside the house. In fact, you can even include other factors or items outside your home.

So, basically, one could describe smart home technology as an innovation for overall convenience. Whether it may be time or effort, this technology can naturally make a lot of things more convenient.

Today’s Major Smart Home Devices

Apparently, smart home technology and automation began in the early 90s. And the main goal is to lessen labor. Hence, the innovation for various labor-saving machines, like washing machines and dishwashers, was introduced.

But the technology has come a long way since then. And in 2019, almost all home appliances are now made innovative and “smart”.

Here are some of today’s major smart home systems that you may want to check out, especially if you want to build your own smart home.

Samsung Smart Things Hub

In a smart home system, hubs are pretty much the “home-base” of all the smart items and appliances. Through the hub, you can connect various kinds of smart appliances from different brands. And by connecting them all, you can create a one straight neat smart system inside your home.

There are tons of smart hubs on the market today. But the Samsung Smart Things Hub has become one of the leading models since it’s very versatile considering that it can accommodate a wide variety of gadgets and brands.

LG Smart TV

Smart TVs have become quite in demand these days. With their convenience and reliability, you can enjoy every single moment of your watching hours. But among all the smart TVs today, LG is apparently deemed as the best since the brand is the first to incorporate Alexa and Google Assistant in their television sets.

Amazon Alexa

Before Alexa, Siri was the top smart voice assistant on the market. With Apple’s unique offering of Siri, the brand was able to capture the market easily. But of course, being the first has its downsides as well since Alexa came after in a much more improved type of service.

Similar to Siri, Amazon’s Alexa is a voice assistant. But since Amazon offers various kinds of gadgets, Alexa is incorporated in all of them. Not to mention, Alexa can also manage different home appliances. So, if Alexa is the main assistant of the system, along with the smart hub, “she” can manage and control all items and devices connected to the hub just by hearing your voice.

Amazon Cloud Cam

A smart home system would not be complete without the smart security system. And the number one item on the list for this system is the security cams. As mentioned, Amazon offers a lot of gadgets for this niche. And Amazon Cloud Cam is one of their best-selling products under the category.

Unlike other security cameras, the Cloud Cam from Amazon also features Alexa. Not to mention, the features and specifications of the security camera itself are all unparalleled. In fact, Top Reveal almost always put this product on top of their charts for the best smart home devices today.

Qardio QardioBase 2

If you are a fitness enthusiast, the Qardio QardioBase 2 is one of the perfect choices for a smart home appliance or device. It is an all-inclusive smart scale that can monitor, track, weigh, and analyze your physical fitness. Even for pregnant women, this smart scale is very helpful as it also features the pregnancy mode.

Curb Energy: Monitoring Device

CURB is a smart home device that allows homeowners to monitor and track energy consumptions. Through its features, you can actually save costs and conserve more energy. The device can also detect irregularities, risks, potential problems, and abnormal patterns concerning your home’s energy usage.

As per actual users, they can effectively estimate their incoming bills and even do it in real-time. This is why many homeowners see it as a real investment when it comes to smart home technology.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostat technology is actually one of the earliest smart home devices. This is the reason why you would see tens or even hundreds of this product on the market. But while they are already common, having a smart thermostat is still a game-changer.

By using this, you can manage and control your home’s heating, air-conditioning, and air quality systems.

Smart Home Systems

In this day and age, smart home systems have become the norm of every household. Not only that they can offer convenience, but the devices under the systems can also provide reliability and efficiency. And if you are planning to start your own smart home system, these devices given above are the most apparent ones that you should look out for.