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Slip resistant shoes for men

Why bother to wear shoes? Obviously, to keep our feet safe from uneven surfaces, getting them rough, getting hurt and to get good grip on all sorts of grounds and floors without discomfort. With technology comes more ease, and shoe industry is not very behind either. A new feature of slip resistance has been added to the shoes of the working class of men. This is not only more beneficial but they are also very classy.

The mechanism behind this feature is that this new line of shoes have rooted under the sole tread grooves which help the men to walk on all kinds of wet, oily and slippery surfaces without having any fear of being slipped. To have them work better for you, all you to make sure is that they have more grooves under them to provide you more friction and grip. Other benefits of this type of new trendy shoes are more comfortability and have supportive heel and arch.

There are many companies these days which are manufacturing and producing these slip resistant shoes for men. Following are few options to opt from.

1. Lace-Up Slip Resistant Shoe By Skechers

Firstly, you can look up the slip resistant shoes for men from Skechers which is an American 3.56-billion-dollar, global leader company working in the shoe industry since 1992. It has around 3000 styles of shoes that they themselves designed and developed for their customers. They are also known for their performance as well as their fashionable lifestyle category.

The slip resistant work shoes for men from Skechers carry the following best features:

  • They are leather made
  • They have a unique finesse
  • They are professionally in various black color tones
  • They are fashionable and lace-up
  • They provide water resistance with more rooted grooves in sole
  • They have rubber soles
  • They provide comfortable fitting
  • It also gives you the option to adjust it as per your fitting and comfortability with padded collar and removable cushion in the sole
  • It offers variety of design with over layers of leather and stitched toe stripes
  • Their heels are supportive for driving
  • They are commendably durable and have suave quality
  • Their lace-up slip ressitant working men’s shoe meets the standards, proposed and set by ASTM F1677-95


2. DC Shoes For Sure Grip

Another big name in the shoe manufacturing industry is DC. It is also an American company which was also founded in the 1990s. They also achieved a benchmark in their specific field of action sports brand. They have built their performance by providing best sure grip shoes for the skate & snow boarders, motocross athletes and hikers. Their shoes have strong slip resistance because they are specially designed for the purpose to provide more grip and friction on to the rough grounds.

Their unique features of sure grip shoes are

  • Their upper is made up of genuine leather with excellent quality
  • They provide sure grip because of better & deep grooves under the soles
  • Their soles are rubber made
  • They are durable to weathers and roughness
  • For comfortability, they provide foam padded tongue and collar
  • They even provide ventilation holes in the soles for breathablity of shoes saving your feet from itching and soreness even after long hours
  • It has the most trendy look with dual color
  • It offers low top for better grip, fitting and performance


3. Proudest Work Shoes by Dr. Scholl

Dr. Scholl’s company was founded by William Scholl in the 60s. He was more concerned with comfort, health and fashion and so, the brand is known for these features. You can demand most comfy and stylish shoes from this company. They offer you the following qualities:

  • They are genuinely made with high quality leather
  • They are most comfortable and also provide flexibility with synthetic soles
  • They are compressible, elegant and waterproof
  • They are light weight and thus helpful in mobility
  • They provide best slip resistance against water and oil and thus are suggestible for work men of the industries and such like
  • They also meet the elaborately defined and set standards of SATRA TM63 and TM144
  • They are commendable in the style with excellent foam and cushioning and even the soles are designed to keep your feet relaxed, at all times
  • They also have the added benefit of non-marking out sole, to save you from leaving dirty footsteps
  • It even caters to bad odor with Dri-lex moisture-wicking lining and Aegis microbe shield


4. Slip Resistant Work Shoes For Men by Emeril Lagasse

Emeril Lagasse is a celebrity Chef who has started a shoe company in partnership with Jack Schwartz to design and develop a shoe line especially for the professionals working in the restaurants. Here are a few of their features and benefits:

  • To provide the professionals with maximum support, their shoes have molded EVA mid-sole
  • They contain in them the balanced active movement memory foam, for round the clock comfort
  • They have a finesse in their leather quality
  • They carry a breakthrough technology of NeverWet which enables the shoes to repel the liquids and food
  • They are designed to automatically release any odors or bacteria, keeping your shoes fresh


5. Keuka’s Slip Resistant Work Shoes

Keuka is another name in the sports’ shoes industry. It has also marked the territory with quality sports and athletes shoes with sure grip and slip resistance. Following are the qualities you can expect from this brand:

  • They are mostly in black and sober colors with hi- quality leather
  • They provide excellent sure grip and friction on the rough terrains
  • They contain rubber soles for keeping the shoes water proof
  • They offer hi top designs to support the feet of the atheletes
  • They are best for workout sessions as you will be able to take your stances well
  • They are well protected against water saving you from skidding in the rain
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