You are finally happy because you have decided to build a home of your own, but there is just one very important thing you can’t stop deciding about – one storey, or two? Both have their own advantages which somehow makes your choice a little difficult to determine. Here are some of the points you should consider that might help you come up with a decision.

one storey house

Space and Size

Block sizes nowadays are getting more space-saving which means that home designs are also adjusting to utilize all available space. Home designs are getting smarter today that you can play with the size. You can either decide if you want a property that has more square-foot space vertically or horizontally. Here’s a tip, if you plan to purchase a cottage lot (250-350 sqm) and you want a room for family home and a backyard, you need to shift to a double-storey house.

A single-storey design will leave you with little space for a backyard since it will need room to spread out. If you don’t really need a backyard, then you opt for the single one. But if you really want that extra space to play around with, then obviously go for a double-storey. However, the expenses with it also double.

Future Use

A single-storey home design is what you may want to consider if you plan on making your home your forever home and you are expecting kids in the future. This kind of home is more accessible especially for younger ones and older people without using the stairs in case you are worried about it.

It’s not suggested to use a two-storey design if you are living outside the city. You might double up expenses and realize in the end that you don’t really need that much bigger space. It’s preferred to use the two-storey design if you are living closer to the city. Why? You can make this as your investment if you plan to resell or use it for renting.

You also need to be aware that the bigger the space, even if it’s giving you the luxurious feeling of having more living and outdoor space, it also means that the maintenance needs a lot of work. If you don’t like the sound of that, then single storey is what you need.


They say that it doesn’t matter if you have a big house or not, what matters is what’s really on the inside. But let us admit that a double-storey home design just boasts that impressive presence they have that you cannot find in a single-storey design.

But it’s not only about the looks. A double-storey home can be a lot more flexible when it comes to living room and bedroom spaces. Although, a single-storey home design can also allow for privacy, a double-storey home design can do better by putting the bedrooms out of the way in the main living area.


Always put in mind what you really need in a home. If you feel like a double-storey home is too much for you then go for a single-storey design. But if you really like to have a pool or backyard, and you are prepared financially, then it’s worth the decision to opt for a double-storey home.

Your home is a big investment and it is where you’ll make a lot of memories with. Don’t just jump into a decision. Consider all the good and bad things you can get with choosing between the two before making up your mind with a final decision.
About the author

Ivandrea Ollero is a daytime writer for Wincrest, a well-renowned home builder in Australia. Ivandrea provides information for choosing the right home builder so people can enjoy their local community with their new residence. She graduated from St. Scholastica’s College Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication minor in Broadcast Journalism.