Cooking isn’t as easy as people think. There are a lot of easy meals to make out there, granted, but these don’t tend to be as good as meals you actually take your time over. Unless you have a good reason not to, I’d really recommend taking your time with your meal preparation and making every meal of the day one to savour. There’s nothing worse than coming in from a long hard day at work to a sub-par dinner, and the kids always feel a lot better if they’ve had a proper nutritious meal. I understand that you might be short on time, however, and that’s why I’m here with some simple cooking tips to make your meals better. Read on to find out how.

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My first tip would be to add seasoning to your meals. This may sound a bit simple and mundane, but it can actually make the world of difference- I’ve discovered this myself in recent times. No matter what kind of dish you are preparing or what kinds of food lie on your plate, there will always be a seasoning or spice to go along with it. There are seasonings for all the different kinds of meat, there are ones for vegetables and even ones such as cajun spicing to add a bit of a kick to your dishes. My flatmate purchases a lot of these and I’ve really taken to them; they give lots of dishes some much needed excitement.

Another simple thing to do could be to add a stock cube when cooking rice. The majority of people, myself included, tend to cook rice by itself and simply add it in with whatever dish it is accompanying it. However, another discovery I’ve made recently is that adding in a simple vegetable stock cube can make the world of difference. This adds a great deal of flavour to rice, which can be a bit dull and mundane depending on the dish it’s being served with. This is particularly lovely with vegetable based meals, such as a vegetable curry. It’s not difficult to do and only adds a few extra seconds to your preparation time.

I would also organise making certain kinds of meals in bulks. A lot of us really struggle with time and other commitments when it comes to cooking, and we need to give ourselves all the help we can get. Making large batches of soup, for example, could sort out your lunches for an entire week or even offer a nice appetiser each evening before you tuck into your actual dinner. Simply multiply your recipes and make a big pot for all to share. You could also make large amounts of pasta at a time, making a lovely vegetable pasta and separating it out into tubs. Put these into the fridge and allow them to stay cool, as this means you can simply take them into work with you the next day for a healthy and easy lunch. This can be done with a lot of dishes, so I’d certainly recommend it.