Are you asking yourself, “Do I need a divorce?”

You might, and that’s okay.

Divorce is a solution for unhappy couples who recognize they are no longer compatible. And it is a far better alternative than staying in a marriage that makes you miserable.

Let’s review the most common signs you need a divorce. If any of these hit home, then you should consider discussing them with your partner.

1. You (Always) Crave Alone Time

It’s perfectly okay to need some space from your partner at times. But constantly wanting to be left alone is a red flag that your marriage isn’t working out.

Divorce signs include:

  • Looking forward to alone time
  • Spending time in separate rooms of the house
  • Getting giddy about the idea of being single
  • Choosing to do things alone rather than with your partner

If any of these warning signs sound familiar, it might be time to consider hiring a divorce lawyer.

2. The Intimacy Is Gone

A red flag in many marriages, and one of the top divorce causes, is a lack of intimacy between partners.

Intimacy could be physical in the sense that you no longer indulge in sexual intercourse with one another.

But intimacy can also be emotional. If you find yourself holding back and not opening up with your partner anymore, there might be an issue in your marriage.

3. Continuing to Cheat on Your Partner

Lack of intimacy often leads to infidelity. And infidelity in America is responsible for 20% to 40% of divorces.

No matter the reasoning behind an affair, ongoing infidelity is a clear sign your marriage is not working out. If you find yourself continuing to cheat on your significant other, come clean and start talking about divorce options.

4. Marriage Counseling Isn’t Helping

Going to marriage counseling does not necessarily mean you are getting divorced. Seeking professional help is encouraged for couples who are struggling in their marriage.

But marriage counseling cannot repair every relationship. Therapy can help you determine if your marriage is going through a rough patch or if you and your partner are simply not compatible together.

If you and your partner have continued to attend counseling sessions and still aren’t seeing progress, then it might be time to talk about getting divorced. Many studies indicate marriage therapy has a 40% post-counseling divorce rate.

5. You Stop Making an Effort

Many couples get to a point where they feel defeated and stop putting in the effort to save their marriage.

If conversations often lead to fights, you stop making an effort to talk. Or since physical intimacy is out the window, there is no point in making an effort to look nice or go out on a date together.

A lack of effort in your marriage signals it’s time to talk to your partner about going your separate ways.

Do You See Any Signs You Need a Divorce?

If you’re feeling uneasy about your marriage, pay attention to the common signs you need a divorce. There is no shame in recognizing a relationship isn’t working out and doing what you need to do to feel happy again.

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