When you’re searching for a new interior design theme, you’ll find that there are several. One to consider is modern decor. It emphasizes natural materials, neutral colors, and minimal furnishings.

It’s a plain decorative style that passes over patterns and embellishments. Modern interiors stick with monochromatic features. Executed well, the interior design creates sleek spaces that glisten under the sun’s natural light.

The following are seven signs modern decor is the right home style for you.

1. You Live in an Open Floor Plan House

Some homes are modern in architecture. They already have the infrastructure that suits the decor such as an open floor plan.

The modern decor style stems from the early 1900s. It’s also known as mid-century design. The style became its most popular in the 1950s. Thus, homes built before the 1960s put individuals on a path toward modern interiors.

An open floor plan lends itself to this design theme. You have fewer rooms to decorate. It’s easier to extend the decor from the living area into the dining space and the kitchen.

Several modern architecture homes have separation for the bedrooms. It’s up to you if you want to carry the design into the bedroom or the second floor if it exists.

2. You Don’t Mind Decluttering

All interior design styles benefit from little to no clutter. Plus, decluttering provides health benefits. It’s easier to clean a house when dust and allergens have no place to hide. You receive a beautiful interior that offers a healthy indoor air quality level.

Some people collect trinkets, memorabilia, and other collectibles. A modern home doesn’t make these items the focal point.

If you don’t mind decluttering your home, modern decor is the right style for you.

3. You Appreciate Earthy Colors

Color design trends change annually. Sometimes they lean toward pastels. Other years the colors lean boldly. The modern interior color palette remains earthy.

Earthy colors include all shades of brown. In addition, the palette includes shades of green, yellow, red, grey, and black.

Design professionals manage to put together attractive color schemes from the modern palette.

Therefore, if you appreciate earthy colors, you’re a candidate for mid-century interior design.

4. You Can Decorate with Minimal Furnishings

The modern style accentuates minimalism. Furniture includes a dining table and dining chairs for the kitchen. For the living room, add a sofa, coffee table, and chairs.

It’s OK to hang art on the wall sparingly. Plus, keep the frames plain. They should match the earthy color scheme without embellishments.

Instead of art, purchase lamps, sconces, and mirrors. It’s best for modern furnishings to have a function such as illuminating your room. Items that don’t have a functional purpose become clutter.

For example, hardwood flooring is most common for this interior design theme. However, bare floors become too hot or cold during the extreme weather months. A simple furnishing that has a useful function for this dilemma is the rug.

Modern rugs have little to no patterns. They match the color palette and provide comfort. To view some modern rug options, browse the offerings from Lawrence of La Brea.

5. A Monochromatic Color Scheme Suits You

Some people enjoy decorating with patterns. Modern decor is the opposite. It features a simple color palette described as monochromatic.

When you pick your colors for the interior, ensure that you love them. One of those colors becomes featured on the walls. The others are minimal touches and accents.

If you’re willing to live with a large dose of the same color, this decor is the right style for your home.

6. You Can Decorate with Clean Lines

The mid-century design places a focus on clean lines instead of curves. Thus, furnishings focus on square and rectangle shapes.

Coffee and dining room tables are often square and rectangular anyway. Cushions, rugs, and sofas are also readily available in these shapes.

If you live in an open floor plan, this interior design doesn’t require you to physically partition off spaces. Instead, place tables and chairs to create a communal area in one corner and a dining nook in another.

7. You Enjoy Natural Light

Modern decor maximizes natural light. It suits an open floor plan because it often includes floor-to-ceiling windows. Since the style skips over-dressing the windows, you benefit from natural light all day.

Once the sun sets, illuminate your space with lamps. Pick lamps that double as decorative furnishings. For the windows, hang heavy curtains without ornate features.


An interior design style exists for every preference. Modern decor suits individuals who want to live in a simple and uncluttered home. The furnishings are minimal and the colors are earthy. In addition, the style features one color on the walls. A few others add small accents.

It’s a sleek interior design that celebrates natural light and natural decor.