You’ve probably heard people talk about how the universe talks to us every day and reveals signs or confirmations that are supposed to direct us in life, right? Well, some people believe in those theories wholeheartedly while others think it’s a bunch of propaganda.

In those beliefs of the universe showing signs, it may not reveal itself in a way where the sun literally looks at you and says “don’t do it”, but you can’t deny the real signs that life throws at you to get you out of certain situations.

As a human being, you have these things called “gut feelings,” and for women, “woman intuition”. But whether you have a gut feeling or intuition, there are certain situations and instances that make you feel a certain way and give you the green light to act on those feelings and intuitions.

These feelings you have are things that tell you or confirm thoughts you’ve already had but weren’t sure about. These feelings are typically experienced in life-changing events. Maybe you’re thinking of marrying a person but have a feeling you shouldn’t. Then again, maybe you’re thinking about leaving a company you’ve been with for five years to start your own business…

Those are all life-changing events that can go really well for you or really bad, and because there’s so much riding on that decision, most don’t know what to do and often look for “signs” as to what decision they should make.

Moving is another life-changing event that many people struggle in making a decision on. Why is moving such a big deal? Well, the actual moving aspect isn’t what the big deal is about, but more so the motivation behind the consideration of moving. Moving, whether a few streets up or to a new state is quite a big deal because you’re uprooting your life.

For some people, this would be an easy decision to make, but for others, not so much… It truly depends on the motivation behind your reason for moving.

Again, moving is a big deal, but it’s also important to know that for those who have no problem making the decision to move, it’s because they’ve more than likely experienced signs or been in situations that helped them make their decision to move much easier. Some signs may have been good and some may have been bad, nonetheless, it confirmed what they knew deep down and gave them the green light to go ahead and move.

Take a look at some of the biggest signs that let you know it’s time to move and start a new life elsewhere.

Signs It’s Time For a Change in Scenery

New Job Opportunity

If you’re working a job you’re unhappy in and finally get a job in a different city or state, it’s time to go where the money is. Why? Because typically, when you’re working a job that you’re unhappy in, you’re going to be more thorough in your job search to not find another job that will make you unhappy again. This is especially true if you’re applying for a job out of state.

When applying to jobs out of state, you’re taking your career seriously and are looking for a career that you can actually grow with because if you’re going to make a major move like that, you’re not doing it for nothing.

The Cost of Living is Too Expensive

People move all the time because of their current city’s cost of living. You may live in an area that you used to be able to afford, but upon losing your job and having to take a lower-paying job, you no longer could afford to live there… That’s not always the case but it sometimes is.

Everything from the housing market, taxes, gas, and utilities all play a role in a city’s cost of living. For example, did you know people move to New York just to take advantage of community solar in New York state? Or that people move to Tennessee because the housing market is cheaper?

In most cases, we’re the reason we’re in the unfavorable situations we’re in unnecessarily too. If you’re living in an expensive area, don’t make the same mistake and move to another expensive area. Take the time out to research the cost of living where you want to move to first.

Crime Rate is High

No one intentionally wants to live in an area where the crime rate is high. A lot of the times, this mistake happens when people move to an area they’re unfamiliar with and rely solely on the internet to be their travel guide.

Maybe you live in an area and haven’t had too many issues of crime but enough to make you a tad bit nervous. On top of that, you’re starting to see your area on the news more and more for various crimes… For some people, that’s still not enough reason to make them move… It’s not until the crime hits a little too close to home before people decide it’s time to go.

If you or your personal property has experienced any type of assault, harassment, or vandalism, what more of a sign do you need to move?

There are more signs and motivations behind moving like relationship or marriage issues but at the same time, you can’t just up and move whenever something doesn’t go your way either. If you’re considering moving, thoroughly assess your situation to determine if it’s truly a sign that it’s time for you to move.