Teachers are selfless humans who care for the children in their class for the better part of every day. They bring enthusiasm, excitement, and hands on learning to kids to help them see the world with more clarity, and bring more joy and understanding into their lives. While some teachers stand out more than others, it’s always a great idea to show your gratitude to those who have made a difference in your child’s educational experience.

  • A Custom Necklace. Jewelry is timeless, much like the affect a teacher has on a child’s life. Keep the necklace simple with a personalized engraving of the teacher’s name or an inspiring phrase such as “Live, Laugh, Learn” or “Limitless.” Anything that helps you express your gratitude will be warmly welcomed.
  • Fresh Batch of Cookies. Try to take note of any allergens beforehand, and then wrap up batches of chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies or brown eyed Susans in goodie bags or boxes for each teacher.
  • Gift Cards. If you know a little something about each teacher, you can personalize many gift cards and that makes it special, but this isn’t necessary. Gift cards are extra special because they allow the teachers to choose whatever they want, and they can track the funds conveniently online.
  • Monthly Planners. Teachers are nothing if they are not organized! Giving the gift of a pretty planner they can take home and make their own will mean the world to them. You might even include a photo of the class or have the children write in the planner like a yearbook.
  • Personalized Desk Caddies. Teachers may strive to be organized but sometimes with all of the pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors and everything else they need, it’s easier said than done. Opt for a wooden caddie with their name imprinted on it, so they can keep all of their little necessities in one place.
  • Appreciation Card. Make no mistake, as much as teachers love to receive homemade and personalized gifts, they keep all of the hand written notes they receive from their classroom children. Choose cards that offer an empty space for your child to write their heartfelt thoughts. They might answer the question, “I appreciate my teacher because…” “I’ll never forget my teacher because…” or “My teacher is the best because….” Years from now, they will pull out these cards and remember your child fondly.
  • Wind chimes. It’s difficult for children of school age to imagine their teachers outside of school. But the truth is, they have a life at home, too! Wind chimes make the perfect accessory to any patio or deck, and will motivate the goal-driven teacher to take their own time to themselves.
  • Bird Feeder. DIY templates are available if you and your child want to craft a bird feeder together. Choose pretty, colorful plates for the bottom of the feeder and keep in mind the type of bird that is most common in the area. The teacher might just hang it outside the classroom window or take it home for relaxing bird watching.
  • Design Wall Art. Teachers love to fill their classroom with inspirational and motivation quotes. Choose wall art that expresses the true heart of a leader and a caregiver like, “Stay Calm and Teach On” and “Make Today so Awesome Yesterday Gets Jealous”.
  • Cleverly Tagged Candy Bars. Get super creative and grab a selection of various candy bars, popcorn boxes, gum and other sweet treats. Use a little word play to create thoughtful and clever tags to tie with charming ribbons onto the treats. For example, on a king size Tootsie Roll, you might say “Thank you for your ROLL in my life!”
  • Solar Lights. Summer is a special time for teachers. As much as they love teaching, summer gives them the time they need for themselves, to regroup and rejuvenate. Help them in this venture by giving the gift of a solar light. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find one or two that matches the teacher’s personality.
  • Decorate the Classroom Door. At the end of the year, the classroom has seen many parties, outings, and special times. The children have learned a lot, and there’s a bittersweet feeling in the air with summer fast approaching. Take the time to decorate the classroom door with pictures of the children, inspirational quotes, and words of gratitude!

Teaching is a profession that can be extremely challenging but also remarkably rewarding. The teachers in your child’s life who took that extra time, paid special care to the topics and children’s experience in the classroom deserve something sweet and positive at the end of the school year.