There are many reasons why you should forgive and there are many reasons why you should move on. Each aspect and relationship is different. That is why it is hard to tell you the exact truth behind it. However, we are going to talk about whether or not you should move on or forgive and forget.

When to Move On

There are certain times that state it may be time to move on and leave your partner in the past. However, there are times where you should forgive them. You should take note of these different items because these are some of the many reasons for divorce UK.

If you are noticing that the smallest things are irritating you and you cannot forget about them, it may be time to move on. There are always going to be irritations, however, if you cannot get over them or forgive and forget them, it is time to move on.

If you are noticing that your partner is partaking in unacceptable behaviors that he or she did not tell you about at the beginning of a relationship, it may be time to move on. Some of the past behaviors may have been hidden for a reason. Some of these may be a sexually transmitted disease, prior marriage, or even a child that they didn’t mention. There are just some things that should be mentioned before you and your spouse get married or become a couple.

If your partner is not noticing your needs or doesn’t care about them. Sometimes we forget that we have different needs and as the relationship grows longer, we do not cater to those needs or even care that they are there.

When to Forgive

As always, there is always a place for forgiveness. The two of you need to work on your relationship as a couple. Some things that you should forgive are minor first offenses. However, when you forgive you should always talk it out as a couple and determine what happened.

You should both be agreeing to work on your relationship. If you both agree to work on it, it may be wise to forgive your significant other. This would involve things like cheating and other aspects like that. If your partner is not known for making large or huge mistakes and they make a rare one, you may get angry, however, you should forgive them. If both of you have invested a lot into the relationship and want to see it work, then this would be a great time to forgive.


We are not saying that when you forgive that you should always forget and we are not saying that these are all reasons that you should leave. Each relationship is different and only you and your significant other can determine what is best for you at that time and at that moment. However, when you are angry you make rash decisions. Calm down before you make a decision that is going to harm you for the rest of your life.