Women hear different suggestions from friends and medical practitioners on ways to delay their periods. From taking birth control pills like norethindrone or using natural techniques of delaying periods such as exercising, you will find a lot of information both online and when visiting a doctor.

It is understandable to want to delay your period when on vacation or during a major event. However, as you seek to try to prevent your periods from ruining a great holiday, it is also important that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

The Pros

Fewer or No Periods

No one loves having a period, in as much as it means that the body is functioning as it ought to. It doesn’t matter how old you are; every woman worries about their appearance in public during that time of the month. For this reason, some consider delaying their periods to make their lives a bit more bearable, especially if one works with a full-day schedule. With period delaying medications, you will have fewer days of worrying that the seat will betray you once you stand up.

Relieves Painful Periods

For some women, period delay is not for vacations or events. Women who are at a high risk of anaemia or have painful periods from medical conditions such as endometriosis might be advised to suppress their periods to help manage their condition. In such cases, delaying a period will help relieve excess pain and will help control the level of blood in the patient’s body.

Less Acne

One of the major concerns that women have is dealing with acne. In many cases, the acne is caused by hormonal reactions in the body. Some contraceptive pills have proven to have the added advantage of acne reduction or complete clearing of the skin.

Reduces Chances of Cysts and Some Types of Cancer

Hormonal methods are some of the ways recommended to help reduce the chances of one suffering from uterine and ovarian types of cancer. Also, women having regular periods are more likely to develop cysts. This can be prevented by using birth control methods that delay periods. The cysts usually form as a result of fluid accumulation in sac-like structures in the ovaries.

The Cons

Side Effects on Your Health

Altering the normal functioning of the body will, of course, come with several side effects. In this case, some of the unwanted effects of taking contraceptive pills or using other methods of delaying periods may include nausea, headaches, and an increased risk of stroke and blood clots. This is even worse for women who smoke.

Breakthrough Bleeding

Before your body gets used to the new normal of not having regular periods, you might experience breakthrough bleeding in between your medication. This is observed as cases of unpredictable spotting. Breakthrough bleeding is not as consistent as a normal period, meaning you cannot keep a tracking calendar for it.

Lack of Pregnancy Predictability

Some women do not mind delaying their period for even a year or longer. With such practice, you might not notice if you get pregnant until you start experiencing the first quarter pregnancy symptoms. It is thus important to always have a home pregnancy test kit and see a doctor if you think that your delayed period is a result of something more than the hormonal pills you have been taking.


In as much as you desire your freedom from regular periods, do not make the mistake of taking over-the-counter hormonal drugs to delay your period. You need medical advice from a healthcare professional who will recommend healthy and low-risk period delay methods. Some methods may work for your friend only to produce unforeseen side effects in your case. Let your doctor understand your concerns so that they can help you make an informed decision.