If you are looking for a premise to run your small business, then it is your high time you embrace the container technology. Shipping containers offer a good starting place for small businesses. The cost to start up is relatively low and after paying for the initial price, you won’t have to worry about rent payment. They also offer flexibility as they are suitable for different types of businesses. Plus, due to their quirky design, they assist your business to stand out from the rest and attract customers to your business.

Benefits of using a shipping container to operate a business

Starting a business is a risky endeavour. The worst comes when you invest too much into the construction and designing of premises. If you invest too much in the initial stages, it will be extremely hard to see your business grow to a stage where you earn a profit. Therefore, the best approach would be to keep your construction cost low but at the same time make your business or office attractive and comfortable. More benefits include:

They are unique

If you set up your office or business in a place that customers find special, intriguing and unique, they will appreciate more doing business with you. While the usual four walls of the premises have nothing special on them, a shipping container converted into a shop or office provides an extraordinary business environment. In fact, it is so cool that no one will fill like they are operating from a cargo container.


The good thing with cargo containers is that they come already built and ready to be occupied. Apart from some few things you may want to add such as paint and shelves, shipping containers can begin to be used just the way they are. Hence, you will only incur the initial cost of purchasing it. Another advantage of cargo containers is that they are pretty durable. They can last for a very long time.

Best for controlling pests

Nothing can be troublesome than dealing with a pest control problem. With shipping containers, you will not deal with cracks and crevices. It is also eco-friendly and using it as your shop shows that you care for your environment. Many customers highly vouch for green-friendly surroundings and you can get an upper hand when you use a shipping container to run your business.

Ideal business ideas that can flourish in a shipping container

Several businesses can flourish in a converted shipping container. Here are just a few of them.

1. Gift shop

A gift shop is a good business to operate from a shipping container. You can have antiques, handmade crafts, seasonal stuff like fireworks & Christmas trees and books among other items. With a few small features to add, your shop will be up and running. You can also use your container as an office to run an e-commerce business.

2. Office space

If your team is comprised of one or just a few colleagues, you can comfortably build your office in a shipping container. One or more 20ft shipping containers are enough to build a spacious office to run your business. You can also section it into office spaces and rent them out to local businesses.

3. Studio space

If you are an artist, then a shipping container is a perfect place to create your arts, display and sell them. A shipping container studio is suitable with almost everything right from metal or woodcraft, photography, ceramics, sculpture or anything else you are passionate about. Besides, you can have a mini gym, yoga classes or music tuition. Your imagination is the limit!

4. Self-storage facility

Shipping containers are mainly used as self-storage facilities. In fact, storage is their major purpose. They are usually preferred because they are highly secure and spacious. If you are an entrepreneur and you have products or raw materials you want to store, shipping containers will do a great job. Plus, you do not have to worry about insecurity. You can also get several containers and run your own storage business. You never go wrong with storage. You will always get clients who want to store their goods on short and long periods.

5. Beauty parlour

A hair salon or a beauty parlour would do well inside a shipping container. You just need to ensure you design it well and beautify the interior. When you finally bring in the hairdressing and beauty equipment, it will be a complete beauty parlour. Besides, your clients won’t feel like they are having their hairdo or pedicure in a container but rather in a uniquely designed salon. Thus, instead of wasting your resources constructing a salon from scratch, be wise. Get yourself a shipping container and transform it into a sophisticated salon. The money you would have used on the construction, channel it into hairdressing and beauty equipment and products. Your clients will feel loved and appreciated.

The bottom line

Shipping containers will never go out of fashion, not now, not in the future. They are durable and convenient. They give business people an easy time when looking for a space to start their businesses. So, don’t channel your resources to building a structure to start a business only to end up broke without the starting capital. Be intelligent.