Men often ask about choosing the best shaving brush and related accessories to experience a clean look in the morning. You need not buy a costly brush to get a perfect shave. A moderately priced brush would help you get that perfect shave. You must pick out a product that produces a thick lather from the shaving cream that you use. Now, shaving varies from one man to the other. If you have a sensitive skin, then you should buy a brush with soft fur, rubbing gently over your skin while you lather up with your shaving cream. A quality brush is as important as a shaving razor. Pick from these shaving brushes for a clean, smart shave:

Super Badger

This product comes with supreme quality fur, a little firmer than the Silver Tip Badger. The Super Badger has a dark band of bristles with a white cap on the top. Use this brush if you want a thick, rich lather with your favorite shaving cream or soap.

Silver Tip Badger

This brush is produced from the hair that you will find around a badger’s neck. The product has the soft bristle using badger hair. The fur count is limited that makes the Silver Tip Badger the costliest of the shaving brushes.

Boar Bristle

The Boar Bristle is one of the most economical shaving brushes available in the market. This product does not retain much water compared to the other brush types. The bristles are stiff. If you are a man, preferring firm shaving brushes, then this is the one for you. We recommend that you should buy a shaving brush kit that includes a quality brush, razor blades, and a shaving cream or soap.

Pure Badger

This product is designed from a somewhat lesser grade of badger hair. Most men like it because the brush comes with stiff bristles. The hair of Pure Badger is very dark in color compared to the Super Badger and Silver Tip Badger.

Synthetic Brushes

Men who do not like to use animal fur, these shaving brushes are their best bet. These products are made of nylon, making the bristles reasonably firm. If you have allergic reactions to animal hair, then choose synthetic shaving brushes. If you are a vegetarian and sensitive about animal rights, we recommend that you use these brush types.

Choosing Shaving Brush Handles

The shaving brush handles are made of wood, metal, horn, and synthetic materials. Each of them has a distinct look and feel. Pick out the one that you like best and feel good in your hand. When it comes to the knot size, you can tell the difference by checking the handle’s width, though not at all times. The loft height type means the complete length, from the base to the tip of the brush.


If you have just started using shaving brushes, choose a product that is less expensive and gives a good hold in your hand. Once you pick out the right brush, you will love the experience of shaving. Visit a shop and choose from different brush sizes and materials.