What colors do you want in your home? Do you like bright and bold, or would you rather have a neutral palette? Maybe you are looking for something more subtle. Whatever the case, color theory can help! Color has been studied extensively by scientists over the past few centuries, and they’ve found that it impacts our lives in many ways. The colors that surround us have an intense effect on our mood, behavior, and even physical health. Understanding how to use color in your home design can be a powerful tool for creating the space you desire. In the world of design, a color is a powerful tool. It can evoke emotion and set the mood with just a few strokes of paint or carefully placed patterns. And it’s not just about aesthetics either – color theory in home design has an impact on our physical and emotional health too!

This blog post will give an introduction to how color is used in the design and how it affects us on a neurological level. We’ll also discuss which 8 shades we love best!

1. White

White is the most popular and all-time trendy color. It has a calming effect, creates a sense of spaciousness, and is perfect for creating an elegant ambiance in any room. White also goes smoothly with any furnishing style and home decor. White is also the color of peace and love. White is simple and complete. White is divine giving an unlimited and airy feel. Here are some popular white tones: Snow White, Creamy White, Silver White, Champagne White, and Linen White you can use in your home for a calming and peaceful feel. The white color also gives your space a classic yet trendy look and it is the color that always stays in.

2. Deep Maroon

Deep maroon fits into the “cool” color family and is a great shade for those who are looking to evoke feelings of warmth, passion, and sensuality. It looks especially good in an elegant space that’s decorated with gold accents or other warm tones! Maroon also gives your home a royal feel. Besides sofa upholstery, curtains, and bed throws, you can also go for classic maroon Persian rugs for more color coordination in your place.

3. Navy Blue

This color is a quintessential “cool” shade. It has been said to evoke feelings of strength, power, resilience, intelligence, and stability-perfect if you’re looking to create a calming environment that feels both serene and welcoming. Blue is the color of the ocean and sea, hence brings a cool and breezy aroma to space. Blue can coordinate and looks well everywhere in the home. From wall paintings, bed linens to the area rugs on the floor, blue will never hurt your aesthetic sentiments.

4. Bright Coral

Bright coral is a fun and playful color that can really liven up your space. This shade is the perfect tonal contrast to the navy blue and less intimidating than pinks, purples, or reds in terms of boldness. The vibrant hue will make any room feel more alive and energetic. Corals look more fabulous in teen’ rooms or living rooms.

5. Green

Green is fresh and soothing, calm and colorful, elegant yet trendy. Green is the color always in and found in any home decor. Green is very soothing and fresh. It can be found in any corner of the house, from bathrooms to kitchens. Green looks good with all other colors because it has tones that blend well with anything else. It’s important to know how different colors impact our lives when designing your home for optimal comfort, productivity, and health benefits. Green relieves stress and depression and is a good color to observe for tired eyes and nerves. The color green is also the most easily found in nature which makes it very relaxing. Green can make us feel balanced and happy because of its natural connection to growth, fertility, new life, tranquility, and harmony. The right shade will depend on your space so be sure to think about what colors you want for a specific room before picking the items in green.

6. Turquoise

Turquoise is a bright blue shade that looks best in an outdoor space. It also helps to calm down people who are feeling restless or tense so it’s good for bedrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens where there is lots of activity going on. Turquoise will give you feelings of peace and serenity because the color has ties to the sea and nature. When you are designing with color, it is important to keep in mind the feeling that each shade evokes. Colors can make a room feel warm and cozy or cool and relaxing. The right combination of colors will give your home an artistic look while at the same time enhancing its function as a living space for both guests and family members. If you are a resident of hot and humid areas, turquoise and sea tones are your go-to shades for the home interior.

7. Grey

Grey is always a top trend in the interior design world. It is cool and neutral, so it offers a sense of relief from the over-stimulation in many homes. A gray living room will create an ambiance that feels spacious and airy while still feeling like home. You can also use different shades of grey for accents to add color without overwhelming your space with one particular hue. A lot of people think that grey is a boring color, but it can be used to create an ambiance for your home. A study room or office should have a shade of gray present in order to make you feel more comfortable and creative while working there.

8. Pink

Pink is exciting and passionate. Not only can the color of girls, but pink hues easily coordinate in every corner of your home. It is also a very feminine color that can be used for your master bedroom or living room. Pink has been the color of royalty, and its rich hues make rooms feel cozy and comfortable. Adding pink to any space will instantly brighten up an area! It’s perfect for bedrooms; just remember not to use too much if you have a small bedroom.

Worry About Using Colors In Home Decor?

Now that you know all about which colors work best in home decor, are there any specific color combinations or shades to be careful of? How can you add a specific color to your interior? One simple trick is to use rugs of your favorite color to draw the energy of the shade in. According to interior designers, a rug is the center of decor in home design. Buy your dream rug at Rug Knots to coordinate with the color scheme of your home and bring your favorite color inside your dream home.