A hammock can be a great way to let out the stress of the day. They’re comfortable to lie in, they’re easy to set up, and you don’t have to worry about making it look neat and tidy. That’s why it’s the perfect thing to bring with you when you’re camping or hiking. But it’s important to know how to set one up so that you can have the ultimate relaxing experience while you’re in the great outdoors.

Where Can You Hang Your Hammock?

If you’re camping, it’s likely that you’re doing so in your own backyard or in a public park where you’re allowed to camp. A visit to a pop up camper dealer will provide you with some information and tools that you’ll likely need. You can choose to hang your hammock from trees or you can choose to use posts or a stand so as not to damage the trees.

Using Hammock Straps

If you’re going to go with hanging your hammock from trees, then you’re going to need hammock straps. You don’t want to use paracord or rope as these can damage the trees and lead to living tissue becoming damaged. Hammock straps will prevent this damage so that the trees are unaffected in the future.

How To Pick The Right Trees

There are several factors you have to take into account when picking the right trees to hang your hammock from. You want to look at the distance between the trees (so that you’re not picking trees too far apart), the size of the trees (trees that are too thin/short aren’t going to work well), and whether there are any dead branches hanging from the tree.

Step One: Setting Up Your Hammock Straps

Get out your hammock straps and find the end loop. Wrap the strap around the tree and then pull the other end of the strap through the hole. Adjust the strap about five to six feet high from the ground and then pull the strap tight until it is secure.

Then grab your second strap and repeat the process on the other tree.

Step Two: Getting Out The Hammock

Unpack your hammock and find the first clip on the pouch. Open the clip and attach it to the loop of the hammock strap. Give the strap a good tug to make sure everything is secure and doesn’t need to be adjusted.

Walk to the other tree, unfurling your hammock as you go, and attach the second clip to the other hammock strap.

Step Three: Making Sure Everything Is Secure

Make sure that your hammock is hanging evenly between the trees. You don’t want one end to be higher than the other, or else lying in it is going to be uncomfortable.

Secondly, check your straps to ensure that your hammock is sagging the way you want. The best results are if the hammock straps are at a 30-degree angle.

Once your hammock is set up, take some time to lie in it and see if it’s the right height for you. If it is, then congratulations! You’ve set up your camping hammock!

If you’re in the market for a new camping hammock consider contacting your nearest retailer to see what options might be right for you.