“It’s been over 8 months putting articles, I still don’t know why am I not getting the organic traffic on my blog”.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you also waiting for Google to rank your blog over other articles for specific keywords for over months but not seeing any results yet?

Are you done with SEO experts who fluently say – it takes time to rank high on Google?

Well, it does take time but it will take an eternal time when you do the things wrong and expect good results.

In fact, one study done by Ahrefs on how long does it take to rank on the first page of Google on your given specific keyword and what they found might shock you.

Its 2-6 months. If done right.

And this article will show you some of the deadliest SEO mistakes that takes forever to rank on the first page of Google search results.

Here are the worst 5 SEO mistakes you probably would be doing and hoping for good organic traffic on your blog.

1. Not having HTTPS redirection

In today’s world security has become a major concern. Especially online.

When Google marks your blog as not secure then how would you expect to get up-voted by Google when you don’t follow its rule and regulation.

You may have seen Google Chrome marks “HTTP” sites are not secure.

Does your site redirect to “HTTPS”? If not then forget getting recommend by Google to your potential readers.

The idea behind this is to make web a safer place and to ensure that your personal data are private and is not misused by others.

And this is for everyone who is visiting the blog. Your readers will trust you more. Therefore, they will not take extra time before putting their data such as their email address, account passwords, debit, credit card number, expiration date and CVV.

Any credential information will be safe and can be trusted. And nothing makes Google happy seeing its users are safe and having good user experience.

So do it as fast as you can. Get redirection from a HTTP site to an HTTPS site and Google wouldn’t put your blog in the naughty list.

2. Having Slow Website

No body, literally no “fvcking” body likes a slow website. Be it the blog owner, its readers and ultimately search engines.

If your website is slow then obviously you will have bounce rate higher than the grades you got in your school.

And nothing triggers Google other than seeing bad review by its users.

Think of it this way. When a user sees your article listing on Google search result and clicks on it and your blog takes more than 4 seconds to load they might shut your blog and visit other’s blog.

Do you even know what does it mean?

It means bad review, bad user experience. Google sees it and knows that people are not liking your content therefore you’re not worth putting up in the search rankings so you will be taken down to page infinite for the keyword you rank for.

And it doesn’t happen just for one blog post. It’s effect reaches to your other content as well. So consider making your website speed fast.

3. Duplicate Content

When Duplicate content doesn’t only mean duplicate text content it goes for images as well. When you will have tons of duplicate content on your blog (text + images) you’re not going to get ranked high on Google search results. Period.

Just like Google loves the website with a good user experience the same way Google hates the website with having duplicate content.

In fact, Google itself says avoid creating duplicate content.

So take time, create crazy amazing high quality content (text + images +audio and video based content) and then promote it. You will be rewarded by all the major search engines like Google.

4. Keyword Stuffing

This is one of the most notorious mistakes made by bloggers.

They think keyword is what determines the ranking so they try to put their main focused keyword everywhere they could in order to get rank high on Google and get passive organic traffic on their blog.

So here is the thing you need to avoid if you don’t want to get penalized by Google.

Add your main keywords in your meta title and its description in a conversational manner.

Try to be humanizing.

5. Irrelevant external links

Having irrelevant links on your website is a bad SEO practice.

Think of it this way. When a user consumes your content on your blog and when they see so many links they might click on one of them and they are taken somewhere else.

In fact all your visitors are being taken away from your site.

What does this mean?

This means nothing but a BIG spam. Another reason why Google hates affiliate links.

So avoid getting your readers being taken away from your blog.

Making them stick to your site is your duty if you want to reap the fruits of continuous passive organic traffic from Google on your blog.

There you have it.

Now comment and let know which one of the SEO mistakes were costing your rankings on Google search results.

Let me know in the comments!