What is Semi Permanent Make Up?

These treatments are an advanced technique for applying natural looking make up and is also known as Micro pigmentation. It is a term used for applying coloured hypoallergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin and is a form of cosmetic tattooing.

How does it work?

During the procedure, small amounts of pigment will be implanted into the skin producing make up that can last for years, and after time fades gradually. The pigment is made of natural iron oxide and its enhancements are so natural you would never know that ‘mother nature’ had not provided them.

It is used to enhance facial features and is revolutionary in the world of cosmetics as we know it today. Women, of all ages are experiencing the benefits of semi permanent make up. The pigments used are non reactive and virtually limitless in the choice of colours available. A definitive time cannot be given to its longevity, this is dependent on the choice of colour, age and skin type. Cosmetic tattooing can not be washed off but will fade in time. However, we do recommend a re-touch every 1 to 2 years, keeping it looking fresh and in tip top condition.

It is not intended to replace cosmetics entirely, and when you want to enjoy an evening out, you can apply as much additional make up as you desire. The colour is placed ‘in’ your skin and a more natural softer look emerges, leaving you with eyebrows that frame your face, eyeliner giving you the wide awake look and full sultry looking lips 24/7.

This procedure is perfectly safe and is approved by the medical industry. The equipment used is manufactured to medical standards and is used in hospitals.

Is it safe?

Semi permanent make up treatment is carried out by professional technicians and is safe. This technique has also been medically approved. The pigments used in this procedure are made from natural minerals and are chosen based on their non-toxic and hypoallergenic properties. This treatment is trusted and recommended by cosmetic surgeons and technicians throughout the world.

Technicians carrying out this treatment adhere to strict sanitation and hygiene procedures and use sterile needles in order to ensure complete safety. Anaesthetic creams are used before the procedure in order to reduce pain and discomfort. Most people do not feel any pain at all, but some people do feel a prickly sensation.

There may also be slight swelling, but this will quickly heal if care is taken following the procedure. At the end of the procedure, technicians will provide you with tips and medication that will help during the recovery period and ensure that you achieve the best results.

Semi – permanent makeup for eyes

Eyeliner thickens and defines lashes attracting more attention to ‘bare’ eyes. Ultra subtle, ultra pretty. The ultimate way to wake up in the morning, with beautifully placed eye definition and stay put eyeliner. Natural looking but noticeable. This procedure opens up the eyes giving you a sparkle with your new found confidence.

Eyeliner is used to beautify the depth and definition of the eyes giving an open and wide wake look and is long lasting and perfect. The pigments are non reactive and is particularly beneficial to those who are allergic to regular cosmetics, and for those wearing contact lenses. You can say goodbye to smudged eyeliner or eyeliner running down your cheek during emotional or embarrassing moments. Semi Permanent Makeup will not wash off but will fade in time. A definitive time can not be given to its longevity, this is dependent on the skin type and age.

Women of all ages can benefit from this amazing treatment. For a natural look a fine line is applied through either the top or the bottom of the eyelashes. This is the subtle look which will give your eyes more definition as though ‘mother nature’ had given you the look herself.

Imagine going on holiday and emerging from the pool with perfectly defined eyes. Should you prefer the heavier thicker line this can be achieved but will require more treatments. This effect would not look natural when swimming or with no other make up applied but will look fantastic throughout the evening on your night out. The application of Semi Permanent Eyeliner is safe, longlasting and an easy process that produces fabulous results.

Semi Permanent makeup for lips

Semi Permanent Makeup to the lips can re-defined the area to emphasize or correct an irregular lip shape. Colours used should complement the natural lip colour and skin tone. Micropigmentation is a great way of fortify the shape and colour of your lips and with proper application, lips can look fuller and shapely, ensuring that you have perfect lips, all the time. This procedure can prevent lipstick bleed and also camouflage scars and ageing lines around the mouth.

The Lip Liner treatment will give you an ultra thin and subtle outline unless you would like a thicker bolder look. The choice is entirely yours. The procedure to the lip line can reduce lipstick bleed. A Lip Blush will give you a soft hint of colour for a natural ‘gloss only’ finish. Replacing naturally receding lip colour with the appearance of a new shape and size. So natural only you will know. For a more striking effect a stronger colour can be applied.

Should you prefer the Full Lipstick effect, after the lip line has been created the full lip can be filled. Wonderful for people with pale or blue lips. For a full lip colour you can be as dramatic as you like with a vibrant colour or use a subtle shade. A wide range of beautiful colours are available to both those wanting a striking effect to those wishing to have a soft natural look.

The Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup

Let’s have a look at some benefits of semi-permanent makeup when done by professionals.

Helps Save Time & Money

If you are a career woman and you have a busy professional life you may need to apply makeup daily and even re-apply once or twice throughout the course of the day. However, with semi permanent makeup, you can save time because you will not need to apply your makeup in the morning or at anytime throughout the day.

Permanent makeup can also help you save money because you will no longer need to buy beauty products such as eye liners, eye pencils and lip colours.

Perfectly Applied Makeup

Applying makeup is a skill that most women do not have. Most women often struggle to apply makeup perfectly, especially women who have shaky hands, they find it very difficult to apply makeup correctly. If you are going through the same problem, semi permanent makeup is the solution.

Youthful Looks

Women want to look young and beautiful at all times, but with the aging process, your lips may appear smaller, eyelashes may become sparser and eyebrows may become thinner. With cosmetic tattooing you can maintain youthful looks for years to come because it helps make your lips appear fuller, and your eyebrows and eyelashes will appear thicker.