Technology has become an essential source of living. With mobile phones coming as a handy solution, headphones work an important gadget for individuals today. The quality impact they put on our lives today is commendable, they are always considered as the top chart in the list.

Headphones play a significant role in our lives, as they are used for various purpose like running, sleeping, walking, travelling, working, and many more. People have really extended the purpose of using the headphones – some of them use it to even eat, drink, dance, as well as sleep with headphones. You might be wondering the point here! Well, the use of headphones varies from a person to person – having a good pair of headphones aids in improving the quality of living. This is the reason it is important for you to purchase the right kind of headphones, so before jumping on to the purchase read the full list of reviews and make a sound decision.

To cut down your confusion, we are here to help you narrow down your choices, so just stay with us and understand the right fit of headphones for you

Identifying and Choosing the Right Headphones

When you plan on purchasing the headphones, you need to understand the use of headphones – like for travelling, working, jogging, sitting, or at the gym. Or maybe all! This review guide will help you in finding the right one for all your needs!

Marshall Monitor II A.N.C

  • With wireless phones charging is the most important thing so these headphones use 15 minutes of charging and provides you with 5 hours of playback
  • The main reason for using headphones is tot cancels outside noise, so these provide you with 10 levels of active noise cancellation
  • It amplifies your surroundings with the monitoring mode, so you can manage the volume, you want to become an ear person to listen to the conversation going around
  • You are provided with an extended 45 hours of music listening time
  • Stay 30 feet steer away from your phone and still listen with the Bluetooth mode
  • Portable headphones design that works right well in your hand even when not in use


Jabra Elite 85H

  • The perfect choice with the Nano coating done over the internal components
  • Water-resistant and dust resistant headphones ideal for the outside environment and adventure trips
  • Clicking twice on the mike mode enables the voice assistance helping you to redirect to all your needs
  • Microphones precisely designed for unmatched voice quality
  • Providing you with 36 hours of battery backup, so music and calling initiated for a longer duration
  • Only 15 minutes of charging needed to work continuously for 5 hours


Sennheiser HD 569

  • The affordable and great value headphones for your basic needs
  • No over-heating even if you use them for a much longer time period
  • Offering you wired and wireless feel with two detachable cables around
  • The soft material used for the padded headband offering you with the extended comfort
  • It reduces ambient noise from outside because of the closed-back design that uses the premium components for the designed headphones


Audio Technica ATH M50x

  • If you want comfortable and portable headphones, then these are your ideal choice as they offer lightweight solutions that help you to enjoy the sound quality
  • No need to worry about keeping these headphones at a place, these are ideal headphones that comes with a case
  • The wonderful thing about these headphones is they come with detachable cords to make you give the feel of wired as well as wireless headsets
  • Getting the best quality headphones is amazing, and these are headphones offers great frequency as well as the response for quality sound
  • Robust headphones that are made from solid materials providing your comfort and amazing sound quality


Beyerdynamic 770 Pro

  • If you are looking for comfort then these are the soft and firm ear-cups giving you comfortable listening experience
  • When you purchase these amazing set of headphones you are provided with clear and compelling sound quality
  • It’s time for you to gain an amazing and comfortable experience with these are durable set with the well-built quality providing the most enriching experience
  • You can get the finest quality with these 770 pro ear band with extended voice cancelling layout, delivering efficiency and the best sound quality


Shure SRH1540

  • Everyone looks for the best sound quality, so the headphones ensure that you are provided with the professional and amplified sound experience
  • If you are looking to get the enhanced sound experience, then this is a perfect choice for your enriching experience
  • For people looking forward to enjoying the sturdy quality and are looking to purchase studio headphones, then this is your answer
  • These headphones provide you with the extreme level of comfort and style while setting as the fully adjustable product
  • These headphones are crafted and manufactured from high-quality materials, giving you the best sound quality