The Scandinavian interiors trend is exemplified by minimal and simple features that focus on practicality and functionality. Although this trend has been around for quite some time, it was only recently that it got accepted by the interior connoisseurs in all its glory.

Scandinavian interior design aesthetic belongs to the school of modernism. It started as a design movement that put great significance on simplicity and functionality. The overall vibe of the Nordic décor is characterized by the extensive use of materials like wood, leather, and hemp. Another feature that is often observed in Nordic interiors is the predominance of natural elements in the form of shapes, colour, and abstraction.

If you too wish to live in a Nordic paradise but are struggling to strike the right chords, here are a few expert-approved tips that can help you master Scandinavian interior design.

1. Say Yes to Warm Upholstery

Scandinavian interior design is all about the homely, snug vibe. This is why the warmer colour palette is immensely popular in Nordic homes. Warm taupe, tan, eggshell, and warm greys constitute a major part of the Scandinavian colour theme, and you will spot these hues dominating most Scandi spaces.

This colour palette is the most commonly observed in the upholstery of the home. From curtains to carpets, a variety of textiles flaunt warmer, neutral hues in Scandinavian homes. This is a great way of adding warmth and coziness to your place.

2. Go for Minimal Yet Eye Catchy Accents

Scandinavian interior designs flaunt understated elegance. This is why you must go for simplistic, minimal, yet unique accent pieces for doing up your space. Don’t be afraid of letting your personality reflect in your home and bring in pieces that tell a story.

For example, Scandinavian living rooms often feature solid ceramic vases of eye-catchy shapes and sizes. Feel free to play with shapes and sizes while keeping the colours muted.

3. Wood and Steel Work Well Together

Scandinavian homes are often seen featuring wooden and steel elements together. These materials work exceptionally well with each other and add a classic combination of modern and suburban vibes. For instance, Scandinavian living rooms often feature hardwood flooring that goes excellently with metallic pieces.

You can also opt for furniture pieces with metallic accents and pair them up with teak or dark wood pieces for a traditional yet sophisticated look that oozes Scandy vibes.

4. Allow Greenery

As mentioned above, Scandinavian interior designs are all about the natural elements. This is why living room Scandinavian interior designs often flaunt indoor plants and floral features. This is also a great way of adding a splash of colour to your room décor without making it look loud or over the top.

Using hanging plants or tall shoots is also an excellent way of utilizing vertical space in your room and making it appear more spacious and roomy. If you feel that maintaining indoor plants is a lot of work, you can opt for artificial greens to add light and colour to your room.

5. No Clutter, Please!

Clutter doesn’t agree with any kind of design theme, and Scandinavian interior designs are no exception. If you look at any bedroom or living room Scandinavian interior designs, you will notice vast open spaces balanced out with simplistic yet modern décor pieces.

Scandinavian interior designs seldom have a lot of hefty, bulky furniture. Rather sleek and chic pieces are much more popular.

Scandinavian interior design is characterized by the modern luxury that oozes sophistication and new-age practicality. It is the perfect kind of décor to support modern living and is ideal for the fast-paced life of today.

Your Way To Scandi Interiors Journey

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